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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Tidbits

My husband and I have been moving around a bit more each day.  I'm not completely back to my normal routine, but managed to tag team with him and put dinner in the crock pot yesterday morning.

Four Beans and Sausage.  I used home canned ketchup, home grown green bell pepper, and home grown garlic in it. I'm hoping for enough leftovers for tonight.  I'll deal with the next meal when I need too.

The highlight of Sunday was watching the Bengals win!  My husband was elated.

The snow has finally arrived in our parts.  However, my husband was to change brakes on the car today and return to work tomorrow.  Not sure the brakes will happen.  I guess we'll see. 

Calls to Mom are hit or miss, as they keep her busy, and assist her with walking.  I do not have plans to visit her until after another full week, and I know we are feeling in out tip-top shape.  


Henny Penny said...

Had to scroll back to your posts I've missed. Sorry you've all been sick with Covid. Did you have Covid too? Hope you're feeling back to normal soon. We've been lucky so far. I hear it really drains all your energy. Take care. Your soup sure sounds good.

Kristina said...

Henny Penny, yes, we all three caught it. Daughter K first, then we got it from her. She was the 5th employee to be out sick with it. It's spreading like crazy in our area.

Jackie said...

I am glad you are feeling a bit better. Our oldest caught it during the first wave and it took him awhile to get over the fatigue portion. The youngest caught it this wave and he says he still gets exhausted by the evening.

God bless.

Debi said...

We have been watching the games today and they have been just crazy good games. Glad your Bengals won! We're Giants fans who had no hope of making the playoffs, so we are rooting for the other NY team, the Bills. Hope you are feeling better soon... have a great week.

Kristina said...

Jackie thanks for the information. I was hoping it wasn't just in our heads. It's a battle for sure, but I hope our peppermint tea will re-energize us.

Kristina said...

Debi, I heard the game with the Bills was super crazy at the end. I fell asleep.