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Monday, January 24, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

I just realized that today is the first time I have been able to participate in this.  Covid stinks!  It spread (and continues to spread) too quickly in our area right now.  Four more staff at Mom's nursing home have tested positive, and the they are going to test the entire nursing home again today.

We recently had to replace the glass in the wood stove door.  On Sunday, we realized the grate needs replaced.  Always something.....

I'm joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.
I'll link up later, and sorry for the shortness in this post.  Hey, at least I made an appearance, ha ha!

The Weather . . .
14°F, ground is snow covered, in fact we had a road emergency yesterday due to the snow/wind.

How I am feeling this morning . . .
Miserable.  We are going to look for our cool mist humidifier.  The hospital has not called my husband either.  He is high risk, but the doctor's office told us our local hospital is dealing with shortages of antibodies.  Speaking of that, my home county went from 533 new cases in a week to 2,700 more cases last week.  Sorry if that up date is a repeat.  My friend in town said shelves are almost empty of medicinal supplies as well.

On the breakfast plate . . .
Have no idea other than hot organic coffee, which I can't really taste that well.

On my reading pile . . .
Mail-Order Murder, by Leslie Meier

On my TV . . .
CSI Miami, Football

On the menu this week . . .
Have no energy to even think about it.  Daughter K is off today, and is willing to do what we do not feel up to doing.  She is feeling back to herself thankfully.

From the camera . . .
Unless you missed my post about my newest crochet project - baby pacifier leash.

Looking around the house . . .
Nothing I can do about much until we feel better.  We ordered the new wood stove grate, and it should arrive today (if not, tomorrow).  My medical bills are just now rolling in (when I sprained my ankle).  I need to get those paid this week sometime.  I see that our daughter missed one small Christmas tree when she put everything away.  

Today's to-do list . . .
Nothing, unless I do some dishes.  I started to scrub the master shower yesterday (removing water rust stain), and that didn't last very long.  

Prayers . . .
Our grand-nephew was in a bad snowmobile accident yesterday afternoon.  He had a helmet, but the impact broke up the helmet.   He suffered lacerations to the face, broken nose, broken cheekbone, bruised lung and a few other issues, but thankfully recovering.

Mom.  She continues to lose memory, and is having more issues with dizziness.

Us (husband and I), we just want to feel normal again (covid).  I'm up blogging, to try and attempt a regular wake up time.

Daughter K, she's applying for a new job, in a new town, and moving in the near future.  She'll need a much better paying job to pay for their apartment.

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