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Friday, May 14, 2021

Lilac Jelly Tasting ~ Bugs with Blogger ~ Herb Garden Work ~ Greenhouse Win!

I cracked open a jar of the lilac jelly I canned.  I can't explain the flavor, but it is very good.  It's not a perfum-y taste as is the fragrance of lilacs.

I am getting frustrated with blogger.  I noticed yesterday that half of my font changed after I posted it.  It's been happening a lot lately.  I'll try and remember to view it first thing, so the font is all the same size.

Green onion area (after photo)

My herb garden is a hot mess this year.  After running into ants in the flower beds, I moved to the herb garden.  Man oh man.  Thankfully the rain helped making the process easy.  I now have an area to plant my thyme seeds I started inside this year.  The oregano looks great, other than grass is now growing in it.  I ripped the grass seeds off and will weed the grass out after the next rain (more photos hopefully soon).  I have much to do, but it sure feels good (although work) to be outside again.

My veggie plants got a day outside to start hardening.  It has been way to cold to even start, and it's late for us this year.  

I found habanero, serrano, hot banana pepper plants and sweet potato slips at the Greenhouse yesterday.  No cherry bomb hot peppers.  Again. No one seems to have them this year.  I've tried everywhere, and seeds are not available in stores, so (I know it's late), but I ordered seeds.  We'll see how that goes.  Our neighbor who sells his veggies/fruits in a stand may have some to buy this year too.


Lady Locust said...

You are not the only one. I've noticed that on a few blogs.
I know it doesn't affect the taste, but your jelly is a beautiful color!

Kristina said...

Thanks Lady Locust. The jelly turned out nice.

Chasity said...

The jelly looks so pretty, I'm glad to hear it doesn't taste like perfume. I've never had it and that's what I imagined it would taste like!

Katmom said...

Yep,, for awhile I was having such issues with blogger,, I was ready to pull my hair out... I actually have not been posting much because of Blogger..

Have fun gardening.. and we have the same problem here... trying to find certain plants for the garden.. but,, I did get lucky and found a chocolate mints plant as well as a strawberry mint... yet they were out of Basil!
Oh well,, there is always next year!
Enjoy the fun spent in your garden.. because in about 3 months you will be up to your eyeballs in canning! heeheehee!
Stay happy and healthy.

Kristina said...

Katmom, I know right? I just heard the radio station mention how soon the sunrise and sunset times will change again.