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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Tick Oil ~ Tea Infusion ~ Mystery Box

Gah, it may be a bad tick year here this year.  I mixed up some tick oil for us when we are outside (can be put on the dogs as well).  

I put my laundry out on the line (sheets/towels), and when I went to get them down, I saw my plush bath towels covered in ticks.  I have never (ever) in my time living here have had ticks on my laundry.  

I'm seriously considering getting some guinea hens.  It won't happen this year, but it's on the wish list.  The plan may be to use the coop I have for them, after building the new one for the chickens.

(photo taken on my phone and transferred to computer, and they transfer distorted now.  Ugh.  Sorry, will try and stick with my camera)

My poor husband is still recovering from working two midnight shifts followed by a first shift, so I made a nettle tea infusion for exhaustion.

It's time to give this mystery box (crafting misc./books) away.  Comment below(that you want in on it), and I will draw a name May 26th. USA only please, as this is a flat rate USPS box.


Dee F. said...

I would be interested in the mystery box! I was also wondering if you could post the recipe for the tick oil? Thanks! Dee

Kristina said...

Dee, if you click on the highlight words "tick oil" in my post, it takes you to the post where the recipe is.

Amy said...

I would be interested in the mystery box

Amy said...

I would be interested

Luludou said...

I'll let the mystery box pass as I am from Canada and I KNOW how prohibitive shipping is :(
I'll go see the tick oil, very interesting.

Chrissy said...

oh what fun, i am interested in the mystery box.

Carla said...

Oh, I'm always up for a giveaway! Count me in on the mystery box!

Robin said...

How very kind of you. I would love the mystery box. Thank you,

Jodi Walters said...

What a great idea to do a mystery box. Thank you for the chance and the tick recipe......:)