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Friday, May 7, 2021

Random Tidbits

The gloom and doom of gray skies here is taking the zip out of my zoom.  We are so ready for some sunny skies.  The weather has been rain and clouds lately.  Oh, and colder weather.

The rain however, is bringing up more asparagus for us.

It's been an exciting week too.  We have our birthdays to celebrate (5 days apart, husband and I), and Mother's Day.  I was actually born on Mother's Day.  We are focusing on our good times this week.  

Daughter E looked at more apartments yesterday.  Oh, she got a raise at work too, which is good news.

I replanted my organic/non-gmo habanero seeds.  Nothing so far.  I even looked for plants while I was out the other day.  Nothing.  It's not yet time to plant the garden/flowers, so I have some time yet.  I'm on the look out for two types of hot pepper plants.  I have many more places to check as well.

Normally, I can make a set of hot pads (including the edging) with 2, 2 oz. balls of cotton yarn.

I was stumped when I got the second piece done using the first ball of yarn.  I literally had almost nothing left.  I then weighed the other ball.  It was correct in weight.  I may need to edge them with another color.  Unless I can find the same color at the store I found this yarn at.  I'm sure the first ball was less than 2 oz.  I'll figure it out after I get the second one done.

I worked on the second hot pad last night and realized I didn't have enough yarn for the second one too.  I did some checking and my balls of yarn I used for the previous ones were 2.5 oz.  So....balls sold in stores now are smaller and higher prices.  I guess I'm ordering my next yarn online.

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Chasity said...

Happy birthday!