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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Back to the Grind ~ Lilac Jelly


This was my "note to self" upon awakening.  I had two days off in the kitchen.  I technically had a complete two days off, so it was back to the grind, kitchen, name it.

I got more flowers on my birthday and many more gifts.  The day was truly special, and I did not do a lick of work.  

First, a breakfast needed to be made (made a scramble)

A two meat potato, onion, green bell pepper, garlic, farm fresh eggs and dandelion greens.

...and this crazy lady did this

I picked lilacs to try lilac jelly for the first time ever.  The infusion first turned a blue-ish, then purple color.

Once the jelly was made it turned into a beautiful pink color. I was expecting a yellow color (someone showed me their jelly they canned), but of course this color is pink.  Any thoughts?  My blooms were a brighter purple, so maybe that is why?  I will be tasting this in a day or so and let you all know if it's good.

I apologize for no printable version.  I tried one way I googled and could not figure it out.  It was written Feb. of 2021, but what pops up with the directions does not look like what her photos show. One of these days....

Lilac Jelly
2 cups packed lilac flowers
2 1/2 cups boiling water

I use a quart canning jar.  I add the flowers to the jar and pour the boiling water over.  I put a lid and rim on and let it sit overnight, but you should let it infuse at least 8 hours.

Strain infusion.  I use a coffee filter in a strainer over a glass bowl.

In a large pot, add:
2 cups of the lilac infusion
4 Tbsp. organic lemon juice
1 box sure-jell powdered pectin
Bring to a boil.
Add 4 cups sugar and bring to a rolling boil, constantly stirring. Boil one minute. Remove from heat and skim.
Pour into sterilized jars (1/4 inch head space), wipe jars, and add heated new lids and add the rim.   Boil in canner for 10 minutes.  Cool untouched for 24 hours.

Yield:  8 - 4 oz. jars or 4 - 8 oz. jars.


Lady Locust said...

That jelly is beautiful. Will be curious as to the flavor. Happy birthday 🎂

Kristina said...

Thanks Lady Locust, I am very curious as to the flavor. I'll let you all know when we taste it.

Mother Em said...

Those my lids, haha, early birthday present from me to you? Think it's too hot for the lilacs - one never has had blooms, other a little one this year!

Kristina said...

Mother Em, ha ha yes! My lilacs didn't bloom last year due to a freeze/late frost and this year it was iffy too.