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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Trip into the Big City


We made a trip into town.  I was sent a coupon to our farm store, in my email.  They however, gave me 2 days to use it.  Luckily I needed chicken feed.

We needed some more glady posts (planted 20 this year), and stopped at the Home Depot.  It was him, not me, that created another garden project (photo up above).  I put together two of them for the south drive entrance.  They are much bigger than they look, and I was lucky to find enough flower to do it.  They were completely sold out of the larger marigolds I previously bought and I found 3 mad hatter hot pepper plants (the closest I will find the cherty bomb).

I barely got any more weeding done with the added project, but he mowed most of the homestead, and I got my 4 rain barrels in place.  The rain may show up briefly today, but according to the weather won't show up until mid-week now.  Sadly, I need the rain to soften up the herb garden.  I soaked it with the garden hose yesterday, but man it's already dry and difficult to weed.  Same with tilling.  We had hoped for just a bit to soften up the hard ground out there.

The cold weather prevented me from hardening off my seedlings, but today makes day 4, and I think they'll be ready by the time we finish prepping the veggie garden.

However, my husband (Till Man) worked the midnight shift last night so today's work time will be either zero out there or a teeny tiny bit.  He'll need to sleep when he gets home this morning.

The weather has be great the last few days, but this morning, the sky is gray.  My bum muscles were so sore the first 3 days of weeding, but I think I'm broke in for a good garden season now, ha ha!


Debi said...

Your flower barrel looks lovely. I have four barrels that need to be filled and so far I only have two plants!! I'd best get moving on this! We had a little bit of rain today and we also need it. We've had lots of dreary, gray days with scattered showers but we really need a good soaking rain. Have a great week!

Kristina said...

Debi, I planted two of the barrels so far. Flower options are slim this year in our area. We do need a good soaking rain.