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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Water Glassing Eggs ~ Stocking Up ~ Preparedness


Don't mind my reflection in the bowl, ha ha!  I took the picture outside.  I cracked it outside.  Just in case things went bad with this water glassing process. I put them in the solution back in October of 2020.

I followed the instructions from Backyard Poultry.  I took one out to bake something.  The process worked great.  You do need fresh clean eggs and cannot use store bought eggs to do this.

I baked strawberry banana bread with the egg.


Carol said...

As a family that usually has more eggs than we know what to do with, I have thought about trying this. I will learn more about it and see if I think I can do it.

Kristina said...

Carol, I was skeptical at first, but it worked.

Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

Yum what a great combo strawberry 🍓and banana bread . I always have that in smoothie but never bread. Have a great weekend.

Lady Locust said...

I wish I would have known this when I had my hens. Will have to add it to my book for when I get more. Glad to know it works! 😁

Kristina said...

Lisa, I also bake strawberry blueberry muffins. Yum.

Kristina said...

Lady Locust, if you can find someone that sells eggs, just ask them to not wash them and stock up that way too. I have a friend that plans to do that.

Ulvmor said...

Oh! I have always thought eggs are boiled first. This is brilliant idea.

Kristina said...

Ulvmor, I am so glad I came across the article. I think it was sent via Grit magazine to my email, but glad I found out about it.