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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Curtains and other ramblings


The two curtains I ordered for the hallway windows arrived.  These are different than the fiasco for the long window in the hallway.  I love them!  It's hard to see, but the sun hasn't been shining.  I have ordered a new curtain for the other window, so stay tuned on that.

Pipes are thawed.  However, we had another flood in the utility room.  It stumped us, as it wasn't when the water was running to the washer or sink in there.  I told my husband it looked like it was coming from the wall behind the sink.  I told him the last flood we had.  We opened up the wall (thankfully we made an access).  The hose coming from the salt softener came loose and was leaking. 

Guess who is off work today just to fix the leak?  Yep.  Sigh.  Water has been shut off until then, so I am glad we had the jugs filled.  Plus, Daughter K brought home more drinking water just in case.

My Amazon curtain (rag) has been labeled on on the way to return.  What a mess.  It took two trips to buy printer ink (forgot it the first trip).  When I put the new ink in the printer, it automatically prints an alignment page.  Had to do that twice to get the darn thing to print.  Then the label printed blank.  Finally got the label and my packing tape malfunctioned (must have been cheap tape).  Finally got it all done and wrote them a review.  What a hot mess.

I still need one sheer panel for the front door, but that can wait.  I have lots of new ideas for the kitchen in the way of updates.

The snow finally stopped, so we may be cutting more firewood today if the leak project goes smoothly.  Soup beans are going in the crockpot this morning.

Ideas for revitalizing and energizing yourself (cont.):
41. Contact new people
42. Do something for others
43. Take charge of getting involved
44. Give the other person a break
45. Don't criticize and blame others


Beside a babbling brook... said...

Love lace curtains.

Glad you got the "rag" mess, straightened out.

Kristina said...

Thanks Beside a babbling brook

Luludou said...

Nice curtains! sometimes when 1 thing goes wrong seems all is going the same way.

Jackie said...

Ohhh, I do love that curtain.

God bless.

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry to read about the leak, hope you manage to get it all sorted. Love the curtains, they look so pretty. Hope you manage to get some wood chopped ready for those frigid temperatures. Take care.

Wildflower Adventures said...

Pretty curtain. Looks nice. Do you know about instant ink? Karen

Kristina said...

Thank you Luludou

Kristina said...

Thank you Jackie

Kristina said...

Mamasmercantile, thanks. We did get some wood cut.

Kristina said...

Thanks Wildflower Adventures. I do not know about instant ink.


Sorry you had such a time returning the Amazon mess that should not have been sent. I love your lace curtains and actually need one day to put blinds up in some of my windows. Thy look lovely.

Kristina said...

Dolly, I see you got to see them. I just love them.