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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Can't make this stuff up!

Saturday my husband and I went into the big city to get specific items.  Well, we left and completely forgot to take 4 boxes ready to go the thrift store.  We forgot the propane tank to switch for a full one.  I myself forgot to buy ink for the printer and shipping tape.  Those two items were needed, but it'll have to happen another day, and here is why.


I have to return this.  It's supposed to be a very pretty lace valance.  I am not making this stuff up.  It's literally a rag. Package said "curtain" and this is what I got.  I got it on Amazon.  I'm putting up a review for the product and will not be buying from Amazon again.  I'll wait and buy one in Amish country or another smaller store.  The one in the photo was made in China.  Go ahead chuckle.  We all did.

My husband is working midnights and day and a weird weekend schedule.  It's another weekend of not working on the hallway project.

I'm deep into purging more crafting do-dads, and working on  my second new project:

Woke up to a brisk 7°F, with a "feels like" -6°.  I'm glad it's not a -25°F like they predicted. I'm up before my husband is home from work.  Feels weird.  Fire is stoked and coffee is brewing.  I'm sure I'll be in the utility room today purging more crafting supplies.  He'll be sleeping all day.


Rae said...

We woke up to minus 24 degrees this morning. All the windows are frosted up from the bottom about 5". Old house, old windows. Just not in the budget to replace them yet. So far the temp has gone up to minus 15 degrees and expected a high of minus 4, so not a heat wave. The sun is out - trying to fool us into thinking it's nicer out than it is, although still nice to see. We have had some bad experiences with Amazon lately too. Their standards aren't what they used to be. I can't believe they actually sent you just a rag! Crazy. Try to stay warm. Hoping the cold temps don't last too long. Ranee (MN)

Beside a babbling brook... said...

"Made in China"

Don't you wonder, _how_ our country, and possibly the world, allowed this to happen?

Everything "Made in China"?

Even our medicine!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh we know how and why... Things made in a Communist Country, are cheaper, because of how the makers/workers are treated/paid less.

Cheaper... So everything always comes back to "Follow The Money."


Rain said...

I've had lots of disappointments from Amazon. Their easy return policy doesn't make up for the crap they sell.

Kristina said...

Rae, that is cold! Brr. It's pretty chilly yet even with the sun out here too. Yeah, I'm going to visit some USA made stores if I can for curtains. Or break out the sewing machine.

Kristina said...

Beside a Babbling Brooke, I am lucky there is a business that makes USA biker clothing. I buy from them for that. I try so hard to avoid made in china stuff. It's a very scary world for then next generations for sure.

Kristina said...

Rain agreed. I have to get to town for printer in just to print the label and I'm out of shipping tape. Hubby says it's not worth returning, but I will and have learned my lesson.

Carol said...

So sorry to see your valance. It is a sad sight! I order from Amazon so many times and never have any problems, but I know some who do. It is super cold here too and I have the fire stoked and do not plan to go out at all today. Stay warm and keep purging, as it can be good for the soul.

Tracy dixon said...

We order from Amazon all the time. Sometimes we get stiffed. There are alot of companies and privately owned small businesses that sell through Amazon. It could just be the company that it was ordered through. If we ever have a problem we call Amazon directly and complain about the product and they find out who the seller is. They have always made things right for us and their return policy is great. They normally send us another item that we ordered free of charge and sometimes we don't even have to return the bad one. Then we write a review about the product from that company on Amazon and people will know to look for another seller or not order them product.

Jackie said...

That is a very strange curtain, I must say.

God bless.

mamasmercantile said...

Such a shame when you order in good faith and don't get what you expected. At least it is an easy return. Sounds like you had one of those days, we had one much the same a couple of weeks ago. We forgot the shopping list, left it on the can guess the rest. Have a good day.

Cockeyed Jo said...


Kristina said...

Thanks Carol, I'm gaining on the purging. I am also working on finding a new valance.

Kristina said...

Tracy, thanks, I will leave a review and a photo if I can. So frustrating.

Kristina said...

Jackie, it was a joke to open it. Sigh.

Kristina said...

Thanks mamamsmercantile