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Thursday, February 18, 2021

A Day of Sitting in the Parking Lot and Things that Stopped Working


Just a few days before yesterday, I sat in the Verizon parking lot waiting on my husband to get a new cell phone.  His phone was 5 years old and got a free trade in thankfully.  However, if you have a cell phone, you know buying a new one takes about an hour or more.  I had no projects with me that day either.

Yesterday morning, I had zero plans to leave the house.  It's cold, snow covered, and I didn't need a lick of anything important.  I him-hawed around in my slippers and pj's sipping coffee, stoking the fire, feeding the cats etc.

Hubby gets up and says, "Your daughter's phone died so you need to go with her to get a new one."  My best eye-rolling moment happened.  Sigh.  Another day of sitting in the parking lot.

We rolled in at 11:02am.  I see a truck pull in, and Daughter K was taking her time getting out of the car.  I literally ran in the store to make sure we got in there first (knowing the wait time). I go in, sign (which now it pops up on your own phone, you sign and it goes back to their tablet).  Anyway, I do all the things I need to, and an elderly lady came in but approached the counter with impatience.  Remember I said phone buying is at least 1 hour to do?

She apparently went over on her data and was charged, but not even the clerk could explain what "data" was.  The clerk at some point just shut off her data.  That women will be back for sure.  

Anyway, I'm thinking "oh my gosh, that would be my mother" then I ask about flip phones.  Thankfully they are continuing to sell them, so later that day I let her know (her flip phone needs replaced).

After I did what I needed to give access to our account, and she picked out a phone, I went to the car to crochet.  One hour later the clerk sends Daughter K out and suggests we go get something to eat and come back.  

We did, and we went back. 

Daughter K drove me all the way home, and went back and never got out of that Verizon store until almost 2pm.  She had that much to transfer from her old phone to her new phone.  

...and that my folks is how I spent most of my day yesterday.  

Once home though, I got 2 dish scrubbies crocheted.  I have 3 more to make for the person who ordered, but glad I at least had crochet time.

Our smaller bathroom has running water, but the drain is still frozen.  Don't get me started on the kitchen.  I hauled hot water from the master bath, washed dishes and when I dumped the dish tubs into both sinks a water line below sprung a large leak (drain froze and I didn't realize it).  I was grabbing whatever I could to fill until it was done.  Hubby walked in and said, "is it safe to come home?"  

He apologized over and over and said he'd heat tape it this weekend.  He also said, "why don't we think about doing this stuff over summer?"  I told him to not worry, I have a list and will put it in plain sight so we stay on task this year.

Oh, and get this....wood splitter is broke down.  So, if we stay on task this spring/summer/fall with wood splitting, we'll have wood and not have to deal with things like this in winter.  We ran out of wood, so the electric heat is on until Saturday.  Or until he fixed the splitter.  Always something.....

Snow and wind are back this morning.  We may actually get up to 26°F in our parts.  On a good note, the hot water line works in my utility room, so I can at least do laundry today. 

Ideas for revitalizing and energizing yourself (cont.):

46. Give in occasionally

47. Make clear choices

48. Face painful questions directly

49. Work toward deepening your life

50. Keep things in proper perspective


Mother Em said...

WOW, what adventures! My phone, actually our phone but hubby doesn't use, is probably 10 years old and should be replaced, but why bother. I only use to check on FB if not on computer as well as messaging from daughter! Plus, not having "younguns" around to teach me apps, updates/upgrades, etc., I'll just stay with this old-timer!

But laundry, will the line from the washer to drain be frozen as well? Hoping not. That would be a mess. Again, if you have those thick sheets of foam/insulation, place between the wall and your water line/drains in kitchen. I'll try to get a picture and send via email.

Hoping your day gets better, haha.

Beside a babbling brook... said...


You must be afraid to get up in the morning!


Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

We have AT&T and I've never heard of it taking that long to get a new phone. Usually if we go in even if they're busy the longest we've ever waited was 10 minutes, then about 15 minutes to pick out a phone, then another 10 to 15 minutes to get the data transferred. They must only have one employee? That is crazy! Sorry for all of your frozen pipes and things and that'll be good when you get all the heat tape on. Why do people use that very successfully stay warm! We have more snow on the way in Idaho tonight

Kristina said...

Mother Em, my utility room is on a cement slab, so after my miserable experience of our first cold winter, I pull the washer drain hose from the wall and put it in the utility room sink and secure it (that drain never freezes for some reason).

Kristina said...

Beside a babbling brook, I wake up wondering just what will be needing dealt with for sure. Sigh. I do need a break ha ha!

50 and counting said...

I buy my phone outright from Staples. Unlocked and accept any SIM card.

Can even order on line for pick up. Longest it's ever taken me is 15 minutes and that was because I asked the clerk to install the SIM card.

Kristina said...

Nancy, all of my extended family has Verizon, so calling each other doesn't cause more fees. Yes, it takes at least one hour to buy a new phone.

Kristina said...

50 and counting, we all have "smart" phones, so buying a new one requires transferring photos, files and contacts. I would love a flip phone, but having the GPS for trips on it is very handy for us.