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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tuesday Tidbits

A trip to the other "Big City" was canceled due to the bad weather.  I just jotted a short list for the daughter who has to work there today.  Hopefully can pick up a few things.

We decided not to go after my youngest called and said she spun off the road after spinning in a circle.  I was thankful we have a family group text and someone was available to get her back on the road.

Thankfully, before she walked out the door I made her put on her snow boots.   In hind sight, I should have told her to pack an overnight bag and stay the night in town with my Mom or brother. The roads are just terrible.

The extreme clean resumes with my husband back to work.  What left the house so far (or is boxed ready to leave)?

-several refillable zoo cups.  I'm sure with covid, they will never be doing the refill offer they used to do.

-several glass dessert cups.  They came from Goodwill, and will be going back.  I don't use them anymore.

-notebooks and notebook paper, school binders (8 so far) that the kids don't need anymore

First time loading a video, so I hope it plays.  It shows how the cordless blinds work.  Sorry for the bad light.  It was snowing again.  I'll get better photos of them soon.  They do come with a wand to control the light when they are all the way down too.

Youngest, my husband and myself spent time shoveling out parts of the driveway.  I had no idea it was so bad until we went to fetch firewood.

My fancy technical instrument to move the firewood to the house was the sled.  Always works like a charm.

Back to the's about a foot or more deep in the areas behind the vehicles.  I have to go back out this morning and work more on it.  The wheel horse is not working (on the spring list so we are prepared for next winter, sigh).  Anyway, we have to get it shoveled, because it's going to freeze in the next few days.  

We did manage to shovel out the very heavy stuff at the end of the drive where the snowplow blows it in.  Had to shovel out the mailbox too.  Mail wasn't delivered because it wasn't shoveled out.  Our driveway is a huge U-shaped drive.  We quit putting up a snow fence.  It didn't matter where we put it, it was always in the wrong spot for the wind we got.

We had ham, asparagus and baked beans for dinner last night, so I have leftover ham to work with.  It may be a nice hot soup of some sort.  I'm going to need it after shoveling snow.

Ideas for revitalizing and energizing yourself (cont.)
16. Clear your mind
17. Develop the attitude of gratitude
18. Think positively
19. Learn to accept what you cannot change
20. Learn to love yourself



mamasmercantile said...

That is an impressive blind, love it. That is a lot of snow, so glad that all was well with your daughter.

Kristina said...

Thanks mamasmercantile, I was just happy she was okay and I could get family to go pull her out. She was afraid to drive home after work. It's a 20-25 minute drive home when we have good weather.

Cockeyed Jo said...

...and, if you can't learn to love yourself, reinvent yourself into someone you can love. Because if you can't love yourself, nobody else will.

Debi said...

My daughter has shades that work like your blinds and she loves them. So glad your daughter wasn't hurt in her spin. We've got about six inches of snow and it's supposed to snow through the night so it will be a surprise tomorrow morning to see how much we have. Stay safe and warm!

Kristina said...

Cockeyed Jo, that's a good one too.

Kristina said...

Thanks Debi, I love the new blinds. It stopped snowing here, but more is to come yet they say.