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Friday, November 8, 2013

Chutney, Chopping, and Random Talk

My 19 year-old daughter asked me what she could use to flavor her pork chops with, and aside from herbs and spices, I have now suggested apple-pear-ginger chutney.

I still have pears after all this baking and canning, so I made some.  It's great to flavor grilled sandwiches and other foods too. It's fabulous on ham.

The recipe requires some chopping, and once again, the clear plastic piece to my Pampered Chef hand chopper, has broken.  This time, it's $9.00 to replace the part.  Anyone else sick of replacing this part?  I've replaced it over 5 times now, and am now seeking a hand chopper elsewhere.  It's too bad too.  I love the chopper, but I don't like having to buy a new part every year.  It's already an expensive kitchen utensil to buy, so why waste my money on parts every year, right?  If I remember correctly, the first time it broke, they even replaced it free after shipping back the broken part.  

I do have a food processor, but with limited space, it's stored in my living room (of all places).  Hence the hand chopper for speed and ease. 

The weather was perfect for drying clothes outside yesterday.  We've gotten spurts of rain here and there, but the wind has been awesome.  Am I the only nut that smells her laundry when she folds it? 

The egg production is back in full swing.  I think I may even bake some pear bars today too.  I baked a Cheddar and Chile Egg Casserole (a Rachel Ray recipe) for the family the other day too, using 10 eggs.  We always love that recipe. 

I am definitely canning more reduced sugar pear jam today.  They love it, and we go through a lot of PB & J here.  I needed to get the pears put up, so I can get back to making my homemade Christmas ornaments.  

(Recipe for the chutney can be found in Cooking with Apples and Pears, by Laura Washburn © 2009)

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