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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Crazy Busy by Kevin Deyoung

Do you find yourself constantly checking your e-mail, playing games on your cell phone, or absorbed in the internet for hours at a time?  Is your house a mess, because you are too busy attending other commitments?  Are your days productive at all?  Do you go to bed stressed-out? Are you constantly frustrated with your kids, and/or yelling at them?  Do you feel spiritually drained, but never go in for a refill?

Over the years, I have ready several books on stress, and the dangers of having a life of busyness.  Books such as The Worn Out Woman; When Life is Full and your Spirit is Empty, by Dr. Steve Stephens and Alice Gray.  All of the books were somewhat helpful, but after reading them, I had difficulty in  disciplining myself for too long.

There have been some changes here at Rooster's Crow Farm, and it's all from reading the book featured in the photo above.  I've even suggested that the family take one day (or more) to unplug.  All of us, not just myself.  Can you hear my kids whine from your house?   It's not just about electronics either, and not just about unplugging.   It's about spending too much time on things I (we) do not need to be doing.  I'm starting with myself first, because my stress effects the entire family.

As a family, I want us to all place cell phones, tablets, ipods, etc into a basket, and purposely do something (anything) the old fashioned way.  Remember the last few years of sickness I had?  It was all a result from stress related health issues (from a "crazy busy" lifestyle), and this year it's not going to happen.  I'm even more determined, to follow God's lead in my life, and stop wasting time driving myself foolishly into a frenzy, by undisciplined overload.  I received this book to read and review, and I'm here to share it. 
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Kevin Deyoung, senior pastor from East Lansing, Michigan, explains in detail, the solution to putting an end to the stressed-out syndrome, due to an out of control lifestyle.  With his biblical insight, and personal experiences, he warns readers the book is about him. Although Deyoung uses his life as an example, in how one becomes balanced with busyness, he clarifies answers.

Encouragement from Deyoung, helps readers reevaluate what they "should" be doing versus what they think they should be doing.  In other words, learn to do what God wants us to do.  Deyoung teaches people, through scripture, to remove unnecessary activities out of one's schedule, that can be removed, and keep the activities one really should be doing.

In a world of digital era, bombarded with a surplus of electronic features, it's easy to find oneself stress-out with an undisciplined routine.  Deyoung's book is much less overwhelming simply by sight, as the book is thinner, and smaller than most Christian teaching books.

Crazy Busy is an inspirational, short book, where Deyoung directs reader's through the teachings of God's Word.  He put emphasis on retaining balance in one's daily life, and to be aware of electronic world dangers Christians face today.  By reevaluating, he encourages readers to look at what one is actually doing, and why (and to evaluate why you are doing it).  The author also provides a link to a free downloadable study guide. 

Crazy Busy
Crossway:  2013
124 pp. $11.99
ISBN-13: 978-4335-3338-9
ISBN-10: 1-4335-3338-3
Christian Living

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I can tell you, from personal experience, that the electronic world is a double edged sword.  It's helpful and useful if used in a prudent manner, but when it's out of control, it's destructive.

To get my family to purposely unplug, receive God's Word on a daily basis, and to maintain a healthier busyness, will be a challenge.  One that I am up for.  For through God, and His Word, we can all live our lives prudently, purposely, and peacefully.


EMMA said...

Sounds like a great book, hope I can get it on amazon.
Couldn't agree more about the double edged sword! so now I'll scoot and do what I should be doing - making muffins for the kids and preparing tomorrows lunch (we are picking up our new puppy in the morning and I won't have time/will be too excited to cook (kids will be too excited to sleep tonight - as they were last night)
take care, hope the storms are long gone.

Candy C. said...

All the electronics are indeed a double-edged sword and one that I personally don't think is doing a whole lot of good...
Saying that, I would hate to give up my internet as it is a very real social outlet for me in our rural setting! ;)

Sam I Am...... said...

Been there , done that and I probably could have written my own book but he's more qualified! It's easier for me now that I'm retired. The challenge is to live in the "real" world and pull it off. That's your mission should you decide to accept it. LOL! I think you're already far ahead of many. Good luck and God Bless.

Unknown said...

I've been working on voluntary simplicity for over a decade and a half, and it's not easy. You have to learn to say no to unneeded activities, and delegate to your kids, for instance. Make your bed, clean your room, do your own laundry. It's a learning curve, and it takes time. You have to prioritize and sometimes say- it's ok it didn't get done today. The world won't collapse if I don't rake the leaves. Life goes on. I used to be OCD about having a clean and tidy house. 3 kids later I had to relax my standards or wind up on meds. I chose the former :) Sometimes I just lay down, stretch my back and watch my cat :)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Here! Here!
This sounds like a good book. I'll have to check into getting it to read.
I agree with you on life being so hectic and being pulled by technology. The other day our daughter(my step daughter) drove an hour to visit us and bring fire wood. While here...she continually, checked her text messages and phone for incoming communication. I was some what put off by it...but didn't say anything. What it made me consider though, was weather or not I do that to people. I would hope not. But, I'm certainly more sensitive to it now.
Good for you trying to implement this while your kids are still home and you still have some influence.

darlenelovesart said...

That sounds like a book that would really be helpful and not so long to lose interest.

five dog momma said...

Sounds like a good read. WE all can lear to unplug a little more, and focus on what God is tlln us. Spending quality time with family and God's word are primary, but usually end up secondy in today's world. Love te internet and what it provides for learnigand social connectng. But, it is a big time sucker. Tme limits are definately a must. And that is just for me, let alone my kids! I will look for his book to read. thanks for the sugestion!