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Friday, November 15, 2013

Sold to the Amish

A neighbor sold out his woods to a lumber company.  I know we burn wood for heat, but I can't help feel sad as they clear out these trees.  At least when we cut wood, it's an already downed tree, or a dead one.

We have seen flocks of birds protest the commotion in their homes.  We have seen a large buck run out and across to the wooded area behind us.

They continue to cut, and cut.  Two semi-trailers have already taken some out, and there is enough for 4 maybe 5 more semi-loads.  As they load up and leave, there are others out cutting more.

Not to mention the commotion these trucks, and equipment are causing at my homestead.  One morning we heard trucks at 4am.  They were out loading up in the dark.  Two semi's parked right on the highway, in front of my house.  My dogs are stirred up like there's no tomorrow. 

A few days later a truck pulled into my north drive, and two Amish men got out. For some reason, my neighbor thought my driveway, instead of his own just down the road, was a good place to meet up with them.  

I kind of enjoy the view from my porch, and trees are peaceful to look at, so I hope they don't cut down all of it.  Now that would be a real shame.  There ended up being about 10 semi loads taken out yesterday alone, and there is still more wood laying out there.

The good news, is they are working fast, so the noise shall soon pass.


Willow said...

I hear you there, I really feel saddened when a whole area of trees goes down,

Kelly said...

How sad :(
Where we live both are neighbors used their land as dump sites. It's disgusting. We have the most beautiful, park like, wooded area and on either side of us is trash heaps. We are trying to buy the land on one side of us and will clean it up as much as possible. It's so bad right now I wouldn't even let my goats run on it. They would break a leg:/

Carolyn said...

The 160 acres right behind us was sold recently and they've been logging it. It saddens me, and I wish we had the money to buy it before it went to the loggers, but we can't own everything. Just have to take care of what we do own and hope that others care for their land. I go back & forth in my mind about loggers; trees are a renewable resource and if done PROPERLY, I believe it is a good thing, even if it is an eyesore for a while. I hope your neighbor's loggers don't leave a mess & that the commotion dies down soon.

Sam I Am...... said...

I'm sure he needed the money but it's still sad to see trees come down and displace the animals that have lived there. I had a little woods on my 20 acres that I used to own and since I was surrounded by farms it was the only place many of the animals had to go. I wouldn't let anyone hunt there either as it was their haven...their "safe place"...we all need one!

Candy C. said...

Uh, 4 AM is pushing the bounds of politeness! I wonder what they are going to do with the property once all the trees are gone...

Liz said...

Sad to see another stand of trees disappearing. Hopefully they don't take them all!

Unknown said...

Too bad. Hopefully they will replant? Amish riding in trucks sounds odd. Are there noise ordinances in your county? Loud trucks at 4 a.m. would happen here once then I'd be making a phone call :)

RB said...

Perhaps the Amish will build furniture with it, and not burn it.
In that way, the wood lives on and on, sometimes becoming a cherished family heirloom.
God bless.