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Monday, November 25, 2013

A Dog's Life

 (Alias, very tired and wanting to take a nap, but yet at the same time wanting to play ball)

Have you been wondering how Alias is adapting to his new home here at Rooster's Crow Farm?  Have you been wondering if this 13 year old dog, put into a brand new atmosphere, has been a wee bit naughty or just down right loveable?

Well, he's been both.

When we brought him home, his bones were sticking out, from starvation and improper diet.  He was used to scavenging for his food I think.   One day, in his early days here, swiped 5-6 pieces of french toast from the table.  He's definitely a food freak when food is around, but that will change as he realizes he won't starve again.  And as of today, his bones are no longer sticking out.

We, with the kids help, are training him every day.  He's doing better too.  

He's getting lots of love, lots of attention, and lots of training. He loves a belly rub, but loves to give kisses with that big, wet, sloppy tongue of his.

He loves to drink water, and slops it everywhere, but we still love him.  We laugh when we hear him drinking too.  He's got a distinct sound he makes.

When the school bus pulls in, he's gets very excited, runs back and forth and whines in a high pitched "I'm excited" whine.  He loves it when we get home from anywhere, and sometimes greets us with his ball.

He already knows the distinct sound of a treat bag too.  Oh, and one more thing.  Jesse has always been our ice cube dog. If he hears someone rummaging for ice, he runs to the kitchen for one.  Alias is an ice cube dog too.  When ever they hear the clink of ice, or hear one drop to the floor, they both come running.

However, Alias has a wee bit of degenerating eye site.  He mistakenly tried to nibble our 14 year-old's toe for an ice cube when he was searching the floor for one - ha ha ha!  Poor guy.  We are giving him some sweet potatoes and other good veggies when we can, for his eyes.

Here, Alias decided to relax on my pillow, before I had a chance to get into bed.  He's sporting his military bandanna.

And along side him was Tiger.

And Jesse.  I'd say he's fitting right in.  I didn't get a photo of Sadie, as she was in her Momma's lap at the time, getting some lovin'.  My daughter came over for a visit, so Sadie, her dog, was glued to her most of the night.  

After a few days, we also saw that Sadie had become the "boss" of the clan.  She only has to let out a teensy low growl to let the other two know that she's in charge.


Anonymous said...

what a cutie pie! :D
Beth P

Mama Pea said...

What a heart-warming story about Alias. I didn't realize he was as old as he is. What a wonderful last half of his life he's having with you and your family.

Sam I Am...... said...

How heartwarming to hear about all your family pets. What a great thing to adopt an older dog. He's a handsome boy too!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Aw... that is a sweet story about Alias. Glad he is fitting into your family. He seems like a dear and maybe in a short while he know the rules better and won't be hoggin all the french toast. LOL...
Trouble never learned not to snatch and grab. She wasn't allowed in the house or eating areas...when we were eating, because of it.
Buster is learning...he does much better and hasn't grabbed food from the grankids since he was much smaller.
Though since Trouble died last week...he has been acting out. :/

EMMA said...

What fine healthy looking animals. Have you tried blueberries, apparently they are good for the eyesite.