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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Maintaining a Healthier "Busy"

I have fallen in love with this color combination, and finished this set (bookmark and keychain) for Hubby's sister, for Christmas.  I've already started another set.   

Update:  The yarn I used is Aunt Lydia's cotton #10, Passionata crochet thread. 

We had some interesting weather over the weekend. It feels like the tornadoes were weeks ago, but that was only one week ago.  We are speaking to more and more people, who lost their homes, or parts of their homes in the recent storms.  The weather turned cold, and even some snow on Saturday, but that doesn't stop my chores that need done. Laundry went out on the line, and as you can see, we had a wonderful wind to dry it with.

This morning the clouds appeared as if they were on the ground at sunrise.  Like fluffy cotton balls all piled up.

I've been spending my early mornings at the gym with Hubby.  Yes, we are enduring the 5:00am workout, and feel good about it.  Although, some days, I'm so sore that I can hardly lift my arms.  Ha ha ha!  I figure, if my two older kids can get through military PT (physical training) and still walk the next day, I can get through my own exercise.

Spending 30 minutes a day with God, every day, allows me to continue to focus on a "healthier" busyness.   

Speaking of a "healthier" busyness, I am now reading more books that I already have on hand, and passing them on.  Mom will be getting this one when I am finished.  I tried doing this a while back, but I could never get any books read.  

I bought it several years ago at a library sale, and if you know me, my books pile up faster over summers now, than winter.  Although, I plan to change that.  I'm already working on a new housecleaning routine, that will once again give me more "days off" for activities like this.

Tonight is, once again, "family movie night" and my 19 year-old will be visiting.  Most likely she'll be raiding the refrigerator too (ha ha ha!).



What a wonderful washing line with a fabulous view. I love your colour combination too. The only housework routine that works for me is the routine on Marion

Cris said...

That color combination is just lovely--is it thread or fine yarn? You are such a talented crafter! And best of luck trying to carve out more time and less stress, it's no easy trick. :-)

EMMA said...

fantastic christmas present idea!! very beautiful.

Mama Pea said...

Have to admire your determination in your personal growth and efforts at "changing" things. I fight with that very same thing all the time it seems. Some days I feel pretty good about my progress and then there are days like today when I fall back into the same old bad habits and thoughts and ways of dealing with things. Makes me want to find a cement wall to bang my head on. I guess the important thing is to keep trying!

Love the bookmark and key chain fob!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Kristina--I didn't get any laundry hung "OUT"...but did some line drying inside this week due to rain. I'm wanting to read more books... I used to be such an avid reader; but have let it go over the years. I don't know why.
What really interested me in the post? a new housecleaning routine... will you be sharing that?!
I know what works for you might not for me...but It might spark some ideas! Girl...I need them. :) Pat

Kristina said...

Cris, I used Cotton #10 crochet thread.

Thank you all for you comments.

Pat, I'll be sure to share as I progress into a good routine. One thing is adding some good music. I haven't done that in years. It really motivates me and keeps my thoughts positive. Even when cleaning toilets.

I have tried flylady, but her e-mails were filling up my inbox and exploding it into an overwhelming mess. I did try to use her ideas, too, but I have to be realisti,c living with kids who hate to clean anything. Ha ha ha!

Sam I Am...... said...

Those clouds look like mountains in the distance. I love your bookmark and key chain. What a great idea to use white as the background and variegated in the middle and border. It gives the same effect as if you had changed colors many times.
Your book looks good and what a great book to give for the holidays.
Good for you and hubby and working out...that's self-discipline!

Sharon said...


The color combination is beautiful! One day I hope to learn to crochet :) Good for your with your faithfulness to the Lord and to a healthier you working out, that is awesome!


Anonymous said...

OK, seriously, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THAT YARN IS!!! OMGosh!!!

I had planned on putting up a clothes line this year but with the logging it kind of got swept to the back burner... I love the way laundry hung outside to dry smells! Mmmmm! :D
Beth P
Please do email me with the name of that yarn when you get a chance...