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Friday, June 7, 2013

Raccoon Rescue & Other Farm/Family Goings-On

"You can't put that thing in the garage! It's a pest not a pet!" I screamed at the kids.

"Fine Mom," they said reluctantly putting the baby raccoon in the wood barn.

And that's how it started.  As the entire family ooh'd and ahh'd over this tiny raccoon, I remained inside finishing dinner and putting it back in the oven to wait for everyone to come inside.  They saw it roaming around the driveway about 5pm-ish. 

They immediately started making phone calls.

"No one will take that thing," I tried to explain.  "It's considered a pest."

After dinner the kids had made their call and left a message.  The next day, they called back.  They would not take raccoons, but had a number of someone who would.

Early in the morning, I walked out to the barn to check on the baby, and my 13 year-old walked out with me.  The first thing out of my mouth was unexpected, and of course my daughter had to repeat it to everyone throughout the day.

"Oh my gosh, that is so cute! Awwww!" I said looking at that furry thing all curled up in a ball with it's paws over it's eyes.

That's all it took for the family to laugh at me.  I had broken, and felt sorry for that "pest."

With some more calls, and with my son volunteering, he met up with a woman at a half-way point.  She rescues raccoons, but already had about 60 of them.  After getting a photo from us, she immediately wanted it.  She said it was still at a nursing age.  

So...another wild animal rescued.

The meat chickens are learning to free range pretty well.  At first they were a bit barn "sour" and would not leave the area.  Yesterday, they seemed to be digging around more of the area.  I am keeping an eye out for more raccoons.

My youngest daughter came home from Gram's yesterday too.  She talked a mile-a-minute, jabbering on about her fun stay at Gram's and how she can't wait for the next visit.  

It was a busy day yesterday, as I dehydrated more organic carrots, mixed up a 5 gallon bucket of laundry detergent, made some homemade macaroni salad (using my home canned sweet pickle relish), and did 4 loads of laundry.   

The cloud cover continues today, and the rain has not yet arrived.  My laundry did not dry all the way, and had to dry inside on racks.  Again, today, they say rain is possible, but I think I better water my flowers.

We picked more strawberries yesterday, so the painted rocks are working very well.  Yay!  Who would have thought?  



Willow said...

Good for you finding the proper rescue channel for the little guy. I must admit racoons quite a few years back have done some real damage with our rabbits and chickens, but I too always rescue an animal in need.

Unknown said...

Ah what a cute little guy. Glad you found it good home...

Candy C. said...

The little raccoon is awfully cute, glad you found a rescue for him! :)