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Monday, June 24, 2013

28 Miles for Dinner

Do you want to hear about our terrible, miserable, very bad, rotten day yesterday?  Well, it wasn't really that bad, but if it went wrong it did.  By the way, my daughter gave me her permission to post the photo.  

I didn't have to bake the cake this time, as my 19 year-old was using my kitchen to bake and frost over 100 cupcakes for her boyfriend's graduation party.

First, I woke up miserable from my allergies, and possibly a sinus infection.  I was tired, congested, and cranky.  Not a day to ask me to do anything.

It was my 2nd youngest daughter's birthday.  We had her gifts out, and she was up and running, full speed ahead to get them open.  We didn't even get photos taken (of her opening gifts), she was that quick, and I was half awake.  So far so good.

Then, I had to pay the bills.  On Sunday.  Hubby had me running all over hilter skilter the day prior.  The family knows that when I pay bills to scatter.  Leave the room and be quiet. 

When that was finally over, Hubby agreed to take 3 of the girls swimming, at a pool that was completely re-done, and not even open for a week now.  He took them, the grocery list, the list for the last of the birthday dinner items, all of my empty water jugs, and left.

On the way there, he made a special stop to buy one of the girls goggles.  When the got to the pool, they found that the water slide was closed indefinitely.  Someone had gotten hurt on it already, and they closed it.  The kids were bummed.  Hubby dropped them off and ran an to TSC for a new mower belt, and was to return to swim with them too.  

While he was gone, the girls got in the water with their goggles on.  All the sudden the life guard was blowing her whistle at them, "You can't wear those kind of goggles in this pool!" she screamed at them.  Seriously?  No slide, no goggles.

Hubby never returned to pick the girls up.  He called me and asked for my son to pick them up.  His starter went out on his truck.  The girls were brought home, but birthday girl was distraught, grumpy, severely sun burned, and mad.  "How are we going to get my Mexican dinner and ice cream?" she cried.

I called back to check on Hubby's progress.  The starter was in, and they were about to start it.  He said, "take orders" and call him back.  He'd pick up the take out, get the items on the list, and head home.

I spent a half hour getting orders from the kids, and called back.  "Not good," he said.  "The truck won't start."

So, I went back to the computer, pulled up the menu for another Mexican restaurant, located in another direction, and where I could stop at one store and get the much needed dog food and water that Hubby was supposed to get.  I also sent my son in another direction to go pick up the birthday girl's ice cream.  That was done.

We finally got all the orders, when we realize that we don't have a phone number to the restaurant.  I had used a sister restaurant's menu, and the one I needed had just opened.  Hubby and I had been there, so thankfully I had a business card in the car.  I called in orders, and headed out.

First stop was the store to get dog food and water.  The dogs had no food whatsoever, and we only had well water to drink - blech.  Remember that Hubby had the list and had planned to get everything for me.  I run in with two of the girls, get dog food, and 4 gallons of water.  As we put the water into the car, I see water leaking out of one jug.  Birthday girl went back in to exchange it.  She wasn't happy.

Finally, we get the dinner picked up and everyone is happy.  We drive the 7 miles back home.  We open it all, and see that two meals are not even in the bags - mine and my 16 year-old's, and one meal is not even anything we ordered.  "Why didn't you check it there?"  That question was not the right one to ask me. 

I call the restaurant, tell them the situation, and we drive back to get it.  I call Hubby and tell him, his meal is on the table, and that we are heading back to get the restaurant, again.  He tells me "I go the truck running."  It was an eye-rolling moment.

This time we check the containers to make sure it is the right food.  They didn't charge us. We eat, light candles, sing, and eat cake and ice cream.

I spent the last part of the night putting apple cider vinegar on birthday girl's sunburn.  Hubby tells me "thanks hun, for bailing me out."

The synopsis of the new pool? Nothing to get excited about, and not worth the $5.50/p.p. they paid to get in.  Future swimming will be at another pool with 2 slides, where they only charge $2.00/p.p. to get in, and where they can all wear their goggles.

I am sure that birthday girl won't forget this birthday for a long time.  She's still mad that Daddy's truck broke down in her time of celebration.  She's a kid.


EMMA said...

I bet you were glad to get to bed that night!

Unknown said...

I'm sure as she gets older she'll have some more teenage angst :) I went thru that with 3 girls. She'll realize how funny it is when she has a car that breaks down.

Winnie said...

Don't you just hate days like this?? No matter how you try to retrieve the moments, more chaos erupts and nobody is fully happy. Best solution?? Just go to bed, turn out the lights, and pray tomorrow is not a repeat!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First I think you came through that chaos brilliantly... I would not have done as well as you! The end turned out fine - there were just some unexpected wrinkles along the way! That's life as we know all to well! :D You found out not to go to the new pool; you went to a new restaurant and they showed they can gracefully fix problems, albeit you did have to go back a second time; DH got his truck fixed; dogs were fed; you got water ( I know about that well water thing and I agree, blech!!!) Birthday girl got her gifts, dinner and ice cream and cake... and she got a taste of what it's like being a grown up, lol! :D (not funny I know but all the same)...
Hang in there my sweet friend you are doing GREAT,
Beth P