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Friday, June 14, 2013

Garden Goodness & Homestead Updates


 . . . picked broccoli, radishes, and strawberries.  Sugar snap peas will soon be ready.  Picked some lettuce too.

I made a pint jar of Refrigerator Radish Pickles, using a jalapeno pepper.  I've never made these before, and I see there are many variations.  I found my recipe in a library book.

. . . potatoes are doing great!

. . . spent hours weeding, and found that half the carrots and beets did not come up, so we replanted.  Some of the heirloom green beans didn't come up, and replanted those too.

. . . got down to weeding the cauliflower and broccoli, and stopped due to a predicted storm.

. . . still need to till between the peas and then weed the lettuce.  Half of the lettuce didn't come up either.  That second frost really did affect the garden this year.

. . . all the peppers are weeded, but look at my cucumber mounds! Yikes!  That's next.

. . .zucchini is doing pretty well, and the onions need weeded.

. . .cabbage is looking good, but the arugula is bug eaten.

. . . the celery looks great.  We have never grown lettuce before.

. . .put in more tomato stakes.  

. . . goat fencing is starting - bit by bit.  My 16 year-old has been putting these t-post in by herself.  

. . . and yes, the laundry is still drying outside, despite my allergies.

. . . I still need to finish weeding the strawberry beds, but the garlic and rhubarb look pretty good.  I planted the last of the onions in the strawberry beds.  They help fight off certain bugs.

Note:  All of these photos were taken prior to the storms that came through.  I'll try to update new photos later.  Today, I woke up to find that the kids have done something to the family computer and I cannot even sign in.  Grrrr!  Luckily, I had already loaded these photos to my blog, and can access it from my laptop.  I'll try to get the recipe for the radishes too.  It's on the other computer (Hmpf!).  Kids!  I'm going to need a full pot of coffee today.  All I can say is, that someone better get out of bed and get it fixed.


Candy C. said...

Your garden is looking great, in spite of the weeds! I wish I could grow broccoli but the aphids attack in force whenever the weather warms up the slightest little bit. Hope those kids got the computer fixed!

Kristina said...

Computer is up and running today. YAY!

Winnie said...

Your garden is beautiful and lush! I was able to grow broccoli here this past winter(I live in Florida) and it was so tender and tasty. Your radish pickles sounds very interesting so please post when you get a chance as I would like to try it.