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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Black Mold ~ Shower Project is Not Over

Remember all those winters I got very sick?  Pneumonia and so forth?  Guess what Hubby found last night?


If we had not replaced the floor tile, we would have never seen the crack in the top of the tiled, built in shower seat.  The seal was cracked all along the upper back and water had gotten down into the inside. 

How did we discover it?

Hubby was on his hands and knees, checking the grout, and found it mushy at the base of the seat.  He began investigating and we spent the next few hours removing all the tile from it, spraying it to clean off the mold, and so forth.
I'm glad we discovered it, so I won't be sick again (and the others), but we are not finished with this project.  We can't just remove the seat, and tile the wall either.  Inside the seat is a pipe that juts out from the wall.  So, we now have to replace the wooden frame and replace either the tile or use marble.

Thank goodness I had a few medical face masks on hand for emergencies, so Hubby wouldn't get sick while working to remove the tile.  

Always be prepared I guess. 


Unknown said...

Glad you found it. I always had a funny feeling there might be some mold issues in your house, with your repeated sinus issues. Better air quality is always a good thing!

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh boy! That looks like a job but glad you found it! Sorry you don't have time to read....I remember those days!

Winnie said...

That is some serious black mold!! No wonder you have had respiratory issues the past 6 months. It is great that you discovered the problem so that it can be fixed once and for all. Good luck with the final restoration of your shower. It is going to be so nice when it is all completed!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am glad you have such a diligent hubby! Here in New Hampshire I swear the state bird should be mold!!! eek! I can't keep up with it and I am afraid living in this very old converted barn that the place is just full of the stuff. I would be afraid to even begin looking for all the places it is most likely!!! eek again!!! I'm glad you found it though so you won't be sick again!
Beth P

Candy C. said...

Wow! I sure hope this helps with your respiratory problems! What a MESS!!