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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, March 9, 2015

Random Tidbits ~ Cooking from Storage (Dehydrated Potatoes)

I'm late in posting today, but for a good reason.

I got no sleep last night.  No big news, right?

I tried to sleep in, but that did not happen.  Youngest missed the bus and next oldest is sick.  


I was on the phone with Oldest Daughter.

The good news?  She did not have the flu last week. 

The bad news?
She's getting her appendix out, but she's over 130 miles away from home right now.  Her vomiting and fever was most likely from an infection she evidently has.  Surgery is this morning.  I can't go.  I'm relying on her cell phone, and a few very reliable contacts for now.

Youngest will be dealt with later.  This is the second time missing the bus.  How in the world do you miss a bus that pulls into your driveway, and up to your door?  Normally, I am up hounding them with a minute count down, and I did holler out my room for her to watch the time at least once.  By then however, I was wide awake.

We are completely out of cut wood.  Looks like my day will be rather busy - sledge hammer and wedge.  If I have time.  In all honestly, it's not too bad in the house today.  It's at night when it cools down.

These dehydrated potatoes where dried a few years ago, and I forgot I had a few jars left.  I also have one quart jar of dehydrated green peppers.

How I dehydrated my potatoes(click to go that post) 

Cooking with dehydrated potatoes.

I made a sausage and kale/potato soup, but without the sausage.

What's from storage?  

Frozen onion soup
Dehydrated hash brown potatoes
A few rings of frozen hot banana peppers (in place of crushed red pepper flakes), chopped

I used fresh carrots, celery, kale and garlic.

I'm saving the remaining dehydrated potatoes for when Hubby returns.  I'm thinking they will work perfect for either cheesy potatoes or a German potato salad.   

I had to hide our very last jar of home canned zucchini salsa.  The kids are devouring it.  I wanted to make sure my hard working husband, had a jar to enjoy when he returned as well.  I just have to remember my hiding spot.

I crocheted a new item last night.  It was my keep-busy-or-I'll-lose-my-mind project.  I was texting with Oldest Daughter all evening, because surgery was expected last night.  The waiting part is the most frustrating I think (next to not being there).

I'll post that project for you tomorrow.  I have thirsty goats and chickens, and a sink full of dirty dishes to tackle.


Susan said...

How frustrating to be so far away! I am sure that it will go well, but I am also sure both you and your daughter would prefer you were there. How did you cut your potatoes to dehydrate them? I did onions for the first time this year and really like the results. Sounds like you could use a break to two, and not just in the weather.

Kristina said...

Susan, I sliced some and what you see in the jar on the post is a hash brown cut (both easy to do). I'll go back and link the post how I did them. Yeah, this entire household could use a break.

Amy Dingmann said...

You are a busy lady! Hope everything goes well for your daughter. :) The soup looks delicious. I hope to get a fabulous garden this year so we can dehydrate and can! (Last year was HORRIBLE). :)

Kristina said...

Amy, I too, hope for a wonderful garden year for everyone.

Mama Pea said...

I'm about speechless with all that is going on in your household. You are made of strong stuff, lady. Hugs.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I can't make this stuff up. It would make a good book, that's for sure. Thanks.