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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Coffee Hour: Porch Prep, Crocheted Seat Cushions, Spring Flowers, Tidbits

As I sit here with a late start today, two baby goats are romping around the kitchen, trying to jump into my lap, and sucking on my bathrobe.  Nothing like starting your day with hot coffee and baby goat slobber.

We had a load of wood to pick up, with more to pick up later.  We have not slowed down too much this spring.

That's all good.  We need to fill the wood barn back up.  We still have huge pieces sitting outside we need to split as well.

The front porch furniture is making it's way back in place.  This time, we have new, bright red cushions.  I'm working on the decor as the weather changes, and bringing out the plant stands and hanging pots.  I may even give the rockers and bench seat a new coat of paint.

Here is something new for the porch this year.  I have some plans for this (and the porch set up), so I'll post as progress continues.

The kitchen is getting something new too this year.

I don't really have a color pattern in my kitchen.  It's an old set up, and three walls have paneling from the last owner.  Those three walls are painted pale yellow.   These cushions got approval from everyone but one (regarding the color choice I used).

I used Hot Blue, Hot Green, and yellow.  All 100% cotton yarn.  I have many more to make for this big family too.  They are pretty easy to make, and I did not use a pattern.

I used a foam seat cushion insert, and crocheted the cushion cover, so it could be removed and washed.  This way, I can also change colors easily, without buying new cushions.

I blame the color choice on this one simple cup coaster I crocheted.  I just love the color combination.  I have a vintage tablecloth with pale yellow flowers for one table, but not the larger table.  I'm making decisions on that too.

 Daffodils are popping up now.

Surprisingly, a few tulips are making their appearance.  I hope this means the cold is leaving us.

We had a family moving night last night, and the movie was Jaws.  A classic.  However, Youngest Daughter, who insisted on the movie (and who has never seen it), did not join us.  Her conversation on her ipod was more important than spending the evening with her family.  That was disappointing and it showed Hubby that there needs to be a time limit on the internet (on all electronics).  We'll see if a plan can be put into action.  

A permanent plan, involving passwords to lock the wifi would be a start.  A few girls have no self control when it comes to social media.  Youngest has been attending a "church" youth group lately, but her morals and values (respect, etc.) have not changed for the better.  They have been holding their "service" late and on school nights, causing her to miss homework time, preventing her chores to get done, and in my opinion, has heightened her irritability levels.  I'm sure there are families dealing with overuse of social media, but they just ignore it or don't talk about it.

One kiddo is feeling poorly with a cold today.  She's my "guinea pig" so to speak.  I'm having her try some herbs (Bath Tea) in the bathtub.  I'll be sharing that soon too.


Mama Pea said...

It's fun (and inspiring) to see the spring "chirking up" you've been doing around your place. Besides being so creative, you get so much done using that creativeness!

I am grateful we are not raising youngun's at this time . . . the whole social media thing can so easily be over-used and a downright negative influence in so many ways. Dealing with such is not easy but necessary.

Hope your good weather continues. We're getting heavy snow right now!

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, the sun is shining, but rain is on the way (again). I just hope it dries up to plant on time this spring. We had snow last week too.

EMMA said...

We just recently bought our boys (10 & 6) one of those ipad things (but it's samsung so not really an ipad) and have restricted it to weekends only (games no social media). I thought that once the novelty had worn off they would loose interest in it but they haven't, I see it being a source of much conflict in the future!!!!!
Love the chair cushion!

Kristina said...

Emma, we now take the electronics (as of today), and they get 2 hours on weekend days and 1 hour school nights, and they cannot use them in their bedrooms or kitchen. It's too easy for them to sit on the bed and spend hours, and hours on them.

Unknown said...

Good for you setting some limits on social media. I have shown this to my adult kids - "get off the phone" on youtube. T
This website has lots of great stuff-

Just set some consequences too, and/or make them pay for their own phones (if they're not already). Kids can get free wifi around town sometimes too...

Kristina said...

Nancy po, thanks for that link. I'll be sure to take a look at it.

Rain said...

Kids as well as adults get addicted to social media! I'm glad both my boyfriend and I are not like that. He has social media for his work, but neither of us use it on a personal level. I also think it's just a negative influence in, sorry for the rant lol...some days I hate it!

I'm sure the goat goo isn't fun, but I had a fun little image of your baby goats in your kitchen! I have to get going on some new seat covers too, re-bat a quilt and sew some new covers for the porch swing. We are still expecting 25 cm of snow tomorrow (March out like a lion?) but then HOPEFULLY spring will arrive in our mountains here in Quebec! I'm looking forward to gardening, fishing and of course the porch swing :)

Kristina said...

Rain, the kids tried to talk me into a facebook but I have not. I got another seat cushion almost done last night, and I hope the weather here warms up soon. I need to paint a few chairs on the porch.

RB said...

Our daffodils and crocuses are nearly done. Our hyacinths and tulips have broken ground a time or two so far, but Bro Tom covered them with mulch to try to save them from cold snaps. The forsythia is full blooming and beautiful. I notice the clematis and tiger lilies have broken ground too. I hope the coldest of weather has passed by so they'll make it.

What do you do if things bud and then a cold snap comes, cover everything or leave them to Mother Nature?

God bless.


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Your porch and your seat cushions look like they're coming along nicely!

as to social media-- I think it's crazy how much time people spend staring at their phones! Used to be TV-- I remember my parents saying that... well, actually, I didn't watch much-- but they were telling me to turn the radio down and I couldn't sleep with it on except weekends with head phones! But now staring at phones... we were at Road House having a birthday dinner last friday and a family of four were seated across from us-- the husband and wife (I'm assuming here) were both on their phones and showing each other photos, videos, etc... while the kids sat there coloring. NOT ENGAGING AT ALL.
It made me sad.

Kristina said...

RB, my flower beds look a bit sloppy this time of year. I don't clean out the dried leaves until about May anymore. That way the leaves can protect the early blooms when we get cold snaps.

Kristina said...

Patricia, I know what you mean about phones. I went to my daughter's honor society breakfast, and I looked around while the students spoke at the podium. Almost every single adult was looking at their phone and not the student speaking. So sad.