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Wear it out,
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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, March 6, 2015

Slip Sliding Sled

Where there is a will, there is a way,
my Mom always said.
I hauled my wood and chicken feed,
today in a sled. 

The funny part is,
that I almost fell.
But I saved myself quick
and all is well.

I thought you all were way over due for some comical, farmstead poetry.  

We got through this last cold spell without frozen pipes, but my morning started with washing a rug, thanks to one said animal here. 

(Homemade Teriyaki Sauce)

(Elixir brewing)

Another day passed quickly for me.  By the time I got done with my four trips to the barn, I barely had time to make teriyaki sauce and elixir before the kiddos got home.

And for the first time, I allowed Youngest Daughter to go home with a friend, attend a youth group, and stay the night on a school night.

I started another project to keep me busy, so I could stay awake and text her, and make she she didn't change her mind and wanted to come home.

Oh, and about the project.  I did not need to start one, but this one was for me.  If it turns out nice, I'll be sure to share.

I have another goat coat cut and pinned, so I hope to get that sewn up this weekend.

Oldest Daughter has recovered.  I'm taking my elixir just as a preventative.


Sandra said...

My girls use the sled all the time hauling stuff around the farm. Comes in handy when feeding square bales of hay.

Amy Dingmann said...

It's amazing what farmgirls can do, right? Just put us in a situation that needs fixin...and we can figure it out. Sleds: they're not just for hills. ;)

Kristina said...

Sandra, I never even thought of it, until Hubby suggested to me. There was no way to drive to the barn, and carrying that heavy back on slip ice, was not a good idea either.

Kristina said...

Amy, when I was pulling the empty sled back to storage, along with an empty watering unit, and empty feed sack (no extra weight with me), I slipped and almost did fall. I used the sled to keep me from falling and almost did anyway, ha ha!

Mama Pea said...

Sounds like things are picking up a little bit around your place. Your daughter feeling better is great news. Your youngest's sleepover reminds me of the first one for our daughter. We had a knock on the door about midnight . . . daughter decided she didn't want to stay the night and her friend's mother had brought her home. Sometimes they're ready for that big step, sometimes not.

Sam I Am...... said...

Thank goodness you didn't fall. You need some of those Yak Traks....they slip on your shoes and have cleats on them.
Glad you started another project for you this time.
The teriyaki sauce looks good and so glad your daughter is on the mend!

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, the last time she visited this friend, her friend and brother got into a fight and it made her uncomfortable. We had to go get her.

Kristina said...

Sam I am, I have made a couple of close calls this winter. Thanks for the tip. I ended up finishing my project. I'll try to post it soon.

Susan said...

I use my sled for everything! Though, on those icy paths, they can get a head of steam up. Is that elderberry elixir?

Kristina said...

Susan, yes it's elderberry. I add slices of fresh ginger to it.

Mary said...

After the blizzard of 1978, and the 5 days with no power, we depended on our tobaggan sled when we walked to the grocery store after power had been restored as we were out of everything, but the roads were still unplowed, and it was walk or nothing. I am envious of how much you accomplished, now share with us the story of the animal & the rug :)

Kristina said...

Mary, I remember the blizzard of '78 too, and I remember Mom filling the bathtub with water and boiling it. Ha! Oh the times....I will have to remember that sleds come in handy.

RB said...

Gracious!!! I saw the mixture in the picture of the first tub, thought it was the rug that needed to be washed thanks to a "said animal," and thought "Lord, what has she been feeding that poor animal? No wonder it had an accident." Then I read the caption beneath the picture. Duh! ROFLOL LOL LOL

Glad to hear daughter is feeling better. Now to pray all the rest hold onto health.

God bless.


Kristina said...

RB, that is funny!