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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Cowboy Candy ~ This and That

I was slicing up jalapenos early in the morning.  I wanted to make sure Daughter was up in time to leave for school super early.  They all went to a hair show today.  

Speaking of show, the 2 hour craft show wasn't that great.  Hardly any customers, but I sold a slouchy hat, a wrap around scarf and a set of boot cuffs.  Also, we learned a lot from the other ladies there - one sold organic non-gmo body care line (very cool stuff), and one knew a lot of info about natural healing.  My girls learned a lot even if we didn't have a lot of customers.  

I saved the ends of the jalapenos to freeze for meals.  Nothing wasted in this house for sure.  Especially with little to put up.

I dehydrated the little bit of rosemary I grew this year. Oregano is next today I hope.  The weather will turn much colder this week.


R's Rue said...


Leanna said...

Chili weather is nearly here. I froze a bunch of presliced jalapenos in September along with all the other fixings and spices for chili in three separate bags. I just love jalapenos. I don't use canning jars that much even though I should because the electricity could go out for who knows how long and everything could get ruined. Canning is the way to go though.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Leanna, I do worry about the power when canning, if it's storming out, but otherwise I'm usually okay with it. We love cowboy candy, but I do freeze jalapenos too. I am leaving my plants go a few more days due to the weather, and hoping for more to freeze. They are so healthy for us too. Not to mention flavorful.

Luludou said...

Never had cowboy candy (in fact never heard of it before coming here). How fun that you could learn so much info from the ladies at the craft fair!

Row. said...

Ok now I’ve got to find out more about this cowboy candy, my husband loves jalapeƱos

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Row, there are many recipes for Cowboy Candy online. Just google it. It's just jalapenos, sugar, apple cider vinegar and some spices. We love it.