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Thursday, October 24, 2019

More Tomato Soup (Yay!) ~ Proud Parents

The last of the tomatoes weighed in at litteraly ounces over 10#.  I got one last batch of tomato soup canned.  So happy right now.  It ended up about 45-50# of tomatoes - 6 pints tomato sauce, 10 pints tomato soup.  I am a happy gal!

I had to get dinner in the crock pot before canning.  I was stressing about having to dice and dice before canning (which required dicing carrots, celery and onion as well).

I decided to pull a quart of frozen homemade french onion soup for the "broth" and "onion" in the lentil soup.  Pulled celery cubes and carrots from the freezer.  Worked perfectly.  I am now adding that on the re-stock list for the winter as well.  It always comes in handy.  I also pulled rolls from the freezer, making dinner way easier after a canning day.

My waste funnel for my food strainer is on it's last leg.  Why can't they make these with a thicker body?  I do not know.  I went online and ordered a very expensive replacement (even with 10% off), only to get an email back that they are out of stock.  Sigh.  I cannot find one anywhere else but their parts store either.  It did last about 5-6 years (maybe more).

A small yarn order came in quick.  Now I want to work on a project for myself, but guilt will kick in.  The change in weather has made me realize we are running out of time for everything outdoor related.  

I finally got the call, but from the insurance company, and not the surgeon's office.  GRR!  Insurance never got the paperwork until the 21st, even though I called prior to that (way prior), and now I'm told I have to wait another 15 days.

The big news?  Our youngest daughter was selected as the "Student of the month" in our entire county.  We are so proud of her.  I'm pretty sure it'll be printed in the newspaper too.


Carol said...

I hate insurance! It seems there is always a hassle with it. I know you are wanting to get surgery over with and move on.
I am with you on time for outdoors stuff is over. I was hoping to do several things this week, but my grand doll is extremely sick and we have not been able to leave her much. It is to be cold next week. UGH!!!
I am sure you are proud of your daughter for her accomplishments as I would be as well.

Faith said...

You are sounding pretty happy about these accomplishments. As you should. You got some yield from the garden in spite of everything else. Your pantry is sturdy, and your daughter, student of the should be proud. Congratulations to you all. Have you tried Lehmans for your funnel? They are located in Amish Country in Ohio. They may have what you need, and quite possibly something you don't. :)

Mama Pea said...

Congrats on another good batch of food canned up and put by for winter. And also to your daughter for the honor given her. News like that can't help but make mom and pop very proud parents!

Vicki said...

A great big "atta girl" on the tomato canning! It is satisfying to see those shelves filled with lovely and delicious home canned food.

Congratulations to your daughter on her achievement. That is quite an honor and I have no doubt it is well deserved.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Mama Pea

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Vicki

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Carol, we are so far behind in the outdoor chores it's sort of overwhelming.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Faith, I have not tried Lehman's, but the brand of food strainer I have only has one parts store online.