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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Tuesday was my Monday

Tuesday hit me like a overwhelming Monday, especially after an emotional weekend.  Everywhere I look, there is a mess to clean up, organize, wipe down, dust, sweep, mop....

My clothesline was in full swing yesterday (leaving no room for bedding, so that's going on the line today), as well as my dishwasher.  

Tree trimming is on the list now.  Oh how low those branches are right now.

After a few pots of coffee I dove into cleaning the kitchen first, while my washing machine went full swing.  It was one of those days where every job gave me another one.  Like putting dinner in the crock-pot to find out that my bottle of organic chili pepper was low and needed refilled.  

I got my smaller dehydrator cleaned and put away, foaming hand soap refilled, previous laundry day folded and put away, plants watered, and organized one dresser drawer.                                                                  
It'll probably continue that way all week, but in the end it'll be lookin' purty darn good in the house.  That's the plan anyway.

Shopping list is getting long.  I need to make a new canning journal, and need to update it.

The car is down now.  I have no vehicle, but it's not like a don't have work to do.  

Menu for the week
-crock pot fiesta chicken and black beans
-tuna sandwiches, beets (might make the sandwiches grilled)
-breakfast for dinner (undecided yet)

The week is already halfway gone.  I better get busy.


Row. said...

Although very busy, sounds so nice to me. We are so blessed to be busy taking care of our home and family. I never thought I’d say I miss being so busy. Now that both our children are older I rarely have weeks like this anymore but I do enjoy my daily routines. Your fiesta chicken sounds yummy.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Row the Fiesta chicken was delicous! I used fire roasted organic tomatoes in ours. It's online from the spruce eats. So good!

Sam I Am...... said...

You go girl! I just keeping crossing things off and adding more to my list of "things to do" but I enjoy it all as long as I don't over do it. I take more breaks than I used to but things are getting done slowly but surely! Have a great week!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Sam I Am!

Leigh said...

Good bartering! Love seeing all that laundry on the line. Sounds like you got some good cleaning done too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Leigh, I'm still cleaning. I gotta take care of the tomatoes and get back to cleaning lol.