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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Here's the scoop

As long as my left eye can handle the bright lights of internet, I will type you up some "scoop" on the poo" here.  I was up all night coughing, and half awake, but awake. As of today, my fever has left the house.

The I.V. comes out later today, I am typing because I think I messed it up (the I.V. that is) already from the night long coughing attacks.  I could have used an inhaler.

So, back when the first nurse diagnosed me with a virus and to come back in 10 days?  She was wrong.  Very wrong.  What would we do without good doctors today?  Are there any left?

Friday rolled around, and with said fever and cough still hanging around, we went to town to a second opinion.  We were heading to urgent care, when Hubby said, "you know what?  I'm calling my doctor."  And he did.

That was the day after Sister "L" passed away.  We were sent to the hospital, making it an all time record - visited radiology, diagnostics, and the lab.  One:  low blood pressure, Two: pneumonia, not a virus, and Three: spider bite.

So much going on, not all related, but just all at once.  I still don't know if the spider bite is affecting any of this either.

So much is a ramble, so I apologize.  Grab a hot beverage.

Speaking of spider bite, to me it appears to be brown recluse, but I was reminded if my immune system was down, it could be any spider.  First time ever for this, and don't want to repeat it.  Normally, this "Pioneer Woman" takes sheets off, washed them, hangs them on the line, and puts them back on.  Not this last time.  Sheets came from a drawer.  Won't do that again.  Using plantain, the spider bite is healing slowly.

Meanwhile, the mail is in a huge pile unsorted, unopened. I missed the entire county fair, a wedding, funeral visitation etc.  Missed several motorcycle rides.  The garden bounty is being picked through today.  What can be fed to the chickens will be, what can't will be composted.  I am so sad about this.  Very sad.  I do not have neighbors, family, nor friends who live the way I do.  I do not have one person to come help take the produce to stock up, nor possible just cook with.  I've lost more that I want right now.  I'll be teaching someone here how to blanch and freeze.  I am sure my kale, collards and chard are exploding in the garden right now.

I want nothing more to be back in my element, stocking up, preparing and tending to the garden (s).  My neck is super sore from coughing, so bending my head to do some needlework is out of the question.  My left eye is bloodshot and sore (ever since first hospital day visit).  It's a tiny bit better today, but I am praying for full recovery.  And soon. 

As for how I caught the pneumonia?  Most likely from all the recent hospital visits we did.  I warned Hubby one time about me going too many times, and well, he didn't listen.  Next time he will.

Hopefully, I can be back to answer comments, and post a happier (and prosperous) homesteading post.  I've been binge watching the series "Pioneer Quest" offered on Amazon Prime, to buy some rest time.



Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

I hope you feel better soon! My daughter had a nasty spider bite years ago. They did an antibiotic injection/ointment/pills. Took quite a while to heal up. So sorry for your garden! I wish your family could help you more.

Mama Pea said...

Sounds as though your health problems are starting to take a turn toward the better. Just keep taking as good care of yourself as you can. We'll all be here waiting to hear the good news that you're back up and going at your usual pace very soon.

My daughter is working as a nanny six days a week this summer plus managing/cleaning a vacation rental cabin that has had constant occupancy for several months but I know she'd somehow find time to do the garden harvest for me if I couldn't do it. So wish you had someone to do the same for you.

Debby Flowers said...

Wishing you well and a speedy recovery!

Tracy dixon said...

Hope you get to feeling better real soon.

RB said...

Wow! Sorry to hear you're ill again. Sending lots of love and prayers for sure. Remember, we're able to catch illnesses from people standing next to us in lines at grocery stores or anywhere else where there's a line, even church.
Speaking of church, I wonder if one of the local churches can help with your harvest, if not for you, then maybe for a needy family in the area.
Rainy here and cooler, for which we are grateful...well, I am and the farmers probably are, but the cats aren't. LOL
Prayers for us all. Right now, we really need it.
God bless.

Rain said...

Hi Kristina, firstly my condolences about your sister in law. I'm so sorry.

To answer your question? Not here anyway, I haven't found a decent doctor since 2003 and she was a psychiatrist. When I saw my family doctor for symptoms of burnout in 2002, he wanted to put me on lithium without even suggesting I see a shrink. Imagine? I'm sorry you had to go through all that shite. It makes my blood boil to read about quacks. Nobody cares anymore. I really hope you get back to health soon...I hate being sick and I feel so bad about your garden and that you can't be out there...that spider sounds kind of scary. Sending good energy and hugs xx