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Friday, August 11, 2017

Surpise Mail and Tidbits

While all the hospital/doctor hoopla was going on, this arrived in the mail.  It was passed down from my Uncle.  He tucked a few "goodies" inside too.  Nothing better than a dose of happy right now.  One goodie was tea.  Another was a drift wood bird from FL.  I love good vibes.  Especially now.

My left foot started cramping up from not moving around enough, but that has changed.  With all this up and back and forth to outpatient meds, I'm moving around.  Trust me. However, I dug out my foot massager, and it did the trick to relieving cramps.

Today's update?  Well, I broke down and called another doctor.  Not sure if I can get in Monday or Tuesday, but I will. My mother recommended this doctor.  I had another doctor mentioned twice, but he is sort of rather busy, and I need to get in for a 3rd opinion.  This current doctor, Hubby's doctor, is making me get bloodwork about every 4 days and it's out of control.  More x-rays, and now a CT-SCAN??!!  I don't even know why.

If it's all needed, fine, but I honestly think I need another doctor.  This newer one has been highly recommended.  Here's the other thing.  Current doctor painfully swabbed my larger spider bite.  He sent it out to see if anything was "growing" on it.  "Dr. Red and I both heard him on the phone today and they told him there was nothing growing, then later told us both the report wasn't back.  He insists it's not a spider bite although I saw fang marks.  His first choice of antibiotics was not a good one, according to other nurses I've talked with as well. And not a good choice for pneumonia.  

Now, I'm getting a full force anti-biotic and it's working.  And with no advice from current doctor, taking probiotic juice daily, and vitamin C.  We can see the smaller spider bite shrinking, and the larger less red, and I could sleep on my back a few times more without coughing.  

So....I feel this doctor keeps wanting me to remain sick, keeps running me broke from tests and numerous office visits (more than I'd like). 

On a good note, Youngest Daughter (15), shredded some garden zucchini, and baked a cake last night.  Tonight?  She is making stove top tuna and noodle and mashed potatoes.  I appreciate the help, and my appetite is getting better each day.

I'll be back when I have anything funny, or newsworthy to share.  One funny is this:  "Dr. Red" asked me if a shot glass holds 1 or 2 oz.  When I asked why, she said "because giving you your probiotics in a shot glass is more fun (her giggling)."


Mama Pea said...

So glad to hear your daughters are helping out. That will help you get better. Maybe that just dawned on them!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Glad you're starting to do better!

Lady Jane said...

Wow, you been thru the wringer. Just popped in to get a recipe or two. Had no idea you were going thru this. Putting you in my prayers. Please get well soon. Hugs, LJ

RB said...

Well, at least you're learning which doctors you can trust and which you can't, the risky slow way of course, but it's bringing valuable knowledge.
Continuing in prayer for you.
Rest! Rest! Rest!
God bless.

RB said...

Also, I think brown recluse bites are hard to treat.
God bless.