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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 4

In case you are wondering, it's day 4 of the virus and I woke up to the fever (again).  I thought for sure it was done yesterday.  It spiked at 103.2°F and with ice, stripping off clothes, and Tylenol, we got it down by bed time.  I felt great.

This morning?

Not so.  I am trying every herbal tea, essential oil, etc. I know.

At night I have to sleep almost flat due to the shoulder issue. The virus has brought on a cough, so that makes sleeping miserable.  Of course I make it miserable for Hubby too.  He's back to work today.

I am sipping mullein tea today, in hopes to kill off this cough.  I may even make a sage mouth rinse later, if I feel up to it.  Breakfast didn't even sound good, and that bothers me.

As for the corn, the kids and Hubby got it all in the freezer.  I can't say for sure it'll taste the same, but I can't complain.  The cucumbers and zucchini sit though.  

The bug bite on my leg was throbbing again this morning, so plantain went on.  It's the only thing that removes the pain, swelling and redness.  It's been very slow to heal due to me using store bought drawing salve a few days (too weak to go pick plantain).

Hubby's family continues to ask about me, even though they have a more difficult situation.  

Sister "L" had blood pressure issues, and they moved her back to SICU.  She is on morphine and simply being kept comfortable.   

I'll be back soon....




Mama Pea said...

That's the problem . . . these things never go away as fast as we think they should/would/want. And for a person as busy as you are it's doubly hard to "take it easy" for as long as you need to to recover. Hugs and take care!!!

Rain said...

Gosh Kristina, please get well soon!!! xx

RB said...

Sounds just awful.
Prayers for you.
I try to remember to use meat tenderizer on bug bites. I often forget though. Duh. LOL
God bless.

Sam I Am...... said...

Hope you are up and about soon and feeling better.