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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I had a plan. . .

I want to say to, "don't ever have a plan" but some plans work out.  Just no this plan.
 I wish I had better news than this, but sweet corn is in full swing.  

I saved the weekend for this big job (which ran into this week due to me requiring so much help - lifting the bags of corn, shucking, lifting the pan of kernels to dump into pans to cool etc.)

However.  Plans change.  I felt dizzy all weekend, and felt I was just needing rest.  I took a lot of naps, and Sunday was the worst.  Monday I got into my doctor (or a new one rather).  Hubby went to his eye doctor and is off work.  

He has an ulcer in his eye.  It's basically a growth under the eye lid, so every time he blinks, it feels like scratching over his eye.  He has to keep his contacs out, where eye glasses, and use special eye drops.  As of this morning, he is still in much pain.

As for me.  Well.  I went in for the shoulder, but then she asked if I felt hot, and soon into the conversation, I felt like I would pass out.  I had to lean back, deep breath, drink water and get a compress.  After I was okay, the nurse got to work.  First concern - my temperature of 102°F.  Second, my shoulder, and the last, a nasty insect bite on my leg.  

My shoulder:  I can't get a steriod shot to ease the pain until the virus subsides.  It can cause more problems. I can't take pain pills. Everyone knows that.  I get sick.  So, since I had not thrown up with the virus, the doctor was pleased to know that I had watched my diet carefully over the weekend.  I'll be drinking elderberry tea today, unless anyone has a better suggestion for a virus killing tea.  I have mullein, but not much.  I already had some peppermint to ease stomach nausea.  I have a cough too, so I'm guessing it's part of the virus.  I'm gargling with salt water, and drinking mullein tea.

As for the insect bite, I have know idea.  Neither did she.  I had put plantain on it one day, but used a knife to cut it up vs. my blender, so I don't know that it was pulverized enough.  It looks like a wasp sting, but red, swollen and very painful.  I'm guessing  a spider bite, but she said, nothing to worry about.  As of this morning, swelling on it is down, but it still hurts.  I'll be painfully picking plantain with my bum shoulder today.

As for the corn.  I regret buying it this year.  We've had a horrible time getting it put up.  Youngest was under the weather one day, and with me feeling dizzy and no energy, we delayed all of it.  Grad daughter had to work some days, but went to the movies with friends (yeah, I know).  It was the sick taking care of the sick, and meanwhile my garden is exploding with cucumbers that I can't even can yet today.

The kids don't like me very much, but I do appreciate all their help with shucking corn. And of course carrying those huge bags of corn from the car to the kitchen and front porch.

(20 cups cooling in pans to bag and freeze)

Three bushels done.  Shucked that is.  Youngest got a lesson on Sunday, on how to put the corn in the freezer.  I know she didn't want to, but she did, and so did Hubby when I had to go lay down.  We only have 60 cups put up in the freezer, and we should have been completely done over the weekend.  I'll be assisting kids today.  Again.

We haven't even eaten any of it yet.  My stomach can't handle it, and Hubby is too much in pain to deal with it either.  Dinner is on your own these days.  Mine? Applesauce, toast and bananas.

If you want to know how I prepare it for freezing, go here on my blog. If I did this right, I'll have enough for 2 years.  

My update will be in 10 days or so.  I have orders to get blood work done, but now that will change too.  If I go get it done at our hospital, it will cost $300.00.  I plan to change my follow-up visit with a "physical" and with that, the blood work is free, and so is the physical (with our insurance).  

I'm sure happier and healthier days are ahead. I just wish they'd speed up.


Mama Pea said...

Oh, Kristina, I'm so sorry to hear all the sad news regarding your and your hubby's problems just now. Times like this is when I truly wish all of us like-minded bloggers lived in a reasonable distance from each other. We'd all descend upon you and get things ship-shaped up in a hurry. So wish that were possible. Your girls are old enough that they have to step up to the plate (and it better be with good attitudes!) and help you over this rough spot. That may be me telling you what to do but sometimes moms just have to be tough. Maybe that's why when we owned the restaurant, the kitchen staff nicknamed me "Dragon Lady!"

Rain said...

Kristina I'm so sorry about your ill-health. What a downer for you, and your hubby too having that ulcer! Wishing you a speedy recovery, for the both of you! xx

Nancy In Boise said...

I always dose up with Vitamin D3 for infections, helps with allergy too, and is cheap. Essential oils, help as well...

Vicki said...

Oh, Lordy! The two of you are really having a time of it, aren't you. I wonder why it is that we tend to get sick about the time when we have so much work to do. Sending a prayer and good thoughts your way. Hope you feel better soon.

Sam I Am...... said...

Doesn't your husband have insurance thought his work? So sorry to hear you are having health issues again. Of all people who should be healthy it's you guys! I think it's the long hours and hard work that is wearing you both down. I hope you both/all feel better quickly before the rest of the garden starts coming in. I wish I was there I would help you!