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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Kids ~ Feeling Better ~ Determined to Put Up some Garden Bounty

I just had to pop in this morning, and let you know that our 15 year-old did a great job on dinner last night.  I failed at photographing the dinner, but she even insisted on some boiled green beans.  We ate dinner on the front porch.  First time since the onset of illness.

She has now learned how to boil noodles, prepare and boil potatoes, make stove top tuna and noodle etc.  I'm pretty proud that this blessing came out of this.

I can't wait to be sharing some beautiful and happy homesteading photos soon.

Today, the girls are checking my garden.  Even though my eye infection is not completely healed, I am able to assist in the kitchen.  I am told the tomatoes are in full force, so I told them to hold off a day or two (if they could).

Today?  They'll check three things.  If there are any to harvest, they'll both get lessons on freezing two of them.  The third is the berry bushes.   This makes me feel very happy.  Very.

After I got over my "panic attack" last night (of all these tests), Hubby convinced me we are looking for anything that is compromising my immune system.  I am just a sensitive person.

 Although I won't be crocheting anything this small (stitch-wise), my goal is to relax with some handiwork next week.  And teaching the girls how to use the tomato sauce machine.

I can tell you I slept better than ever last night, and the smaller spider bite is healing faster than I thought.  The larger will take longer, but Hubby is insisting I "bubble wrap" it and take a motorcycle ride (for therapy, ha ha!).

My chickens have stopped laying eggs all-together.  Not sure why, other than they haven't seen me.  I do think I need to make a visit this weekend, and treat them.  I miss seeing them.  Too bad we don't have baby goats.  That would be a huge dose of happy for me right now.  Even toddler goats.

It's amazing what makes you happy when you homestead.

Thanks for all the well wishes, and happy thoughts.  I really do appreciate them. 



Mama Pea said...

Yay! Three gold stars for your 15 year old!

Now . . . DON'T OVERDUE!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

I do not write often but wanted to let you know it so good to read things are a tad better today. So nice of you to let us know cause you readers do care. So wise to put more responsability on the girls. We have two boys (13 and 15) and I am bad at that. Doing them no good with it I see now. Time for me to get started with that. I hope your recovery will continue although in one own eyes it will allways be too slow.

Wendy (NL)

Rain said...

I'm happy to hear that you feel happy Kristina and I continue to send my well wishes! xx

Nancy In Boise said...

Glad you're sleeping! That always helps:) Great kids there to help and hopefully preserve some food. Good skills for them to have. Hang in there!!!

Mama Pea said...

Duh! I said don't overDUE. I meant don't overDO! Although maybe you've been feeling as if you're overdue a bit also!!! ;o)

RB said...

So blessed to hear you're feeling a bit better and that the girls are helping you too. You're well right to be proud of them now, but just think how valuable these lessons will be to them in the future and how grateful they will be you taught them.
Prayers for a great week for us all, and a safe one too.
God bless.

Susan said...

Very happy to hear that the girls stepped up. I hope that this new trend holds even after you are healed.