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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Update

Saturday we got a good amount of work done - one trip to recycling (huge load because for some reason we had a ton of cardboard), one trip to Goodwill, several bags to the garbage, swept up the back area by garage, washed curtains and windows. 

I found a cute tin for my tea, and for only $.50.  I just need to wash it up.

We finished up more work on Sunday. 
Hubby installed my new faucet - YAY!  Oh this is such a relief.  The old one ran water, but you could not move it right or left and the base to where it was attached to the sink was broke, not to mention the sprayer nozzle.  When anyone did dishes, washed veggies, or if I canned, there were usual some words said that can't be repeated.  Phew.  Now the kitchen can function so much better.

I'll be honest, I was sweating over this repair.  First, it did not get done Saturday.  Sunday arrived, and the mower broke down, not once, but twice, so Hubby was outside doing that. Phew.  It's done.  I love the higher spigot for filling my canner pot.

I dug up our first carrots this season.  They are short, but fat.  I shredded them up with a cabbage, onion and green pepper.  I then added some homemade teriyaki sauce and cooked sausage.  We ate it in soft tortilla wraps.  Yum.

While sitting for a spell on my front porch Sunday, I noticed this zinnia.  I had received some seeds at a thank you, and this might be from the packet I planted.

I noticed a few more new blooms around the porch too.  I'm almost done weeding it, and after today's rain, it should be much easier than Sunday's weeding.  The ground was hard as a rock.

I was tickled to finally see a Gladiolus start to bloom.  I lost one due to a dog (while I was away on one of the trips, and the kids no better, but oh well).  I have not had Gladys in my garden for a few years now.

 Today I am thankful for:

~ Mom and Dad (they know why)
~ a new faucet
~ the garage area cleaned out and organized
~ iced water
~ mullein tea leaves (this tea is amazing, and thank you Carolyn for mentioning it on your blog!)
~ time to sit and crochet on Sunday
~ rain, the garden(s) needed it badly
~ continued garden bounty
~ flowers
~ YouTube (yea, can you believe this is on my list?), for weeks and weeks (he's been a little busy) I asked Hubby to show me how to re-string the weed wacker, and finally I sat down with Youtube and taught myself how.


Susan said...

I love your new faucet! There is nothing more frustrating than plumbing problems... I haven't seen a zinnia like that - it's very pretty. I will have to remember to look for them in the spring.

Unknown said...

I have a similar faucet and it's great! It the little things that can drive you crazy!

Liz said...

I went with a higher spout too! Easier to fill pans for sure! I bought glad bulbs but never got them planted. Oh youtube has been a godsend when we had a push mower!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Your flowers and your tea tin are both so pretty.
You get a lot done!
Yes! I believe You tube is on your gratitude list... don't you love learning new things there?
I like the replay button!

EMMA said...

Very cute tea tin!
If it wasn't for youtube my knitting wouldn't have moved beyond scarfs!!

Katmom said...

K, I luv your sweet tea tin,, so sunny, just makes you want to sit and enjoy a cup of tea! hugz

Amy at love made my home said...

Your tin is so lovely!! Well done you for fixing the weed wacker yourself!! It is great when you work something like that out isn't it! xx