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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mullein ~ Garage Cleaning ~ Hanky Dish/Drink Cover

The mullein leaves I ordered have arrived.  I mixed up a tea with dried spearmint leaves and a bit of honey.    I downed a cup immediately after it arrived yesterday.  Not too bad either.

Once I have a few more days of the tea, I'll let you know if it worked.   Also, the tea was shipped in a clear plastic zip bag, so now I am on the hunt for tins or amber glass containers to store it in.

I plan to make a donation to our Goodwill today, so I may stop in and see what I can find today.  As for our "donation" it will be from a semi-good cleaning of the garage.  I won't be able to to a complete cleaning until Daughter has finished her AIT training and settled her belongings into an apartment.

There are many garage sales in a small nearby town today as well (to seek out inexpensive tea storage), but we do have a lot of work to complete this weekend.    I can't be gallivanting around today.   I'm about to blow a whistle and give the kids a little wake up call (he he!)  Hubby is still in bed too.  Sheesh.  What is he thinking?  

Which makes me wonder why I should even be thinking of time to do any handicraft work.....

Back in 2012, I embroidered several hankies, and sewed large recycled beads on the corners.  I embroidered a camper coffee pot, camper, and flowers on them.  The one with the camper on it is in our pop up camper.  I'm considering making a few more of these for when we are entertaining outside....adding it to the appropriate list.

Tomatoes are coming in now.  I brought in about 4 lbs. last night.  I need 6 to make taco sauce, 10 to make ketchup, and 45 lbs. to make sauce.  Not sure what I need yet for my salsa.

School shopping has started.  My email inbox is over-flowing with sales coupons.  I already used one to buy my 12th grader two pairs of jeans at JCPenney.  They were priced at $42.00 each, but with sales and a coupon, we bought them at $14.99/each.  That is cheaper than what they are at Wal-mart.  

You should see their supply list?  Binders by the boat load.  I told them to go check last years leftovers, before they write me up a list.  Those things are not cheap at all.  And thank goodness we can pass down a graphing calculator.   So far it's been used every year by who ever is in their senior year.  I think we had to pay about $80-90 for it several years ago.

Well, here I am rattling off about school starting, and I should be blowing my whistle to get this day started.  Hubby is installing a new kitchen faucet for me.  It's been broken for a year and I finally got a new one (Thank you Mom and Dad!).  I told the kids if they break this one, I am taking their iPods and selling them to buy the next faucet.  I hope the fear keeps them in line and they'll treat the faucet respectively.

Oh, and I did get my new stove burner.  However, because my stove is so old, the replacement does not quite fit to be completely level.  I will have Hubby look at it and see if he can work it to fit until next year.  I do have a lot of canning to do yet this season. 


Sandra said...

I enjoyed your rattling, makes it seem like I am there with you enjoying a cup of coffee and just chatting :)

I love the embroidered work, so pretty.

My tomatoes haven't come in yet, not sure what is going on. I WAS given some yesterday and I will be making salsa out of those.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Our tomatoes were slow coming...and just trickled in a little at a time.
I didn't get any put up...but we have eaten every single one that comes in the house. :)

HeatherD76 said...

It hasn't been hot enough for our tomatoes to turn red yet. The roma tomato plants are over loaded with green tomatoes and keep falling over, even with the stakes and cages. I have never prayed so much for a week long heat wave before. Then I will be cursing because all of the tomatoes will turn at once. LOL

Mama Pea said...

Sandra is right! Reading your posts is like talk we would have over a cup of coffee. I love 'em!