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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting D and Z

Somewhere in this photo are chives and other herbs.  Sassy's favorite place to chill and cool down, is in the chives, on the cool dirt.  She has made herself a nice little spot too.  But after I took the photo, and loaded it, I realized how badly my herb garden needed weeded.  Yikes.

I guess with all this running around in July, I put it off, to the last job on the list.  

I dubbed my garden clothes and went weeding.  I filled the wheelbarrow.  I got my dose of vitamin D, then came in and took a nap, getting a dose of Z's.  I then had a nice surprise visit from Dad.  That was very nice.  I shared all the video clips of the two military graduations, and chatted for a while.

I went back out to weed more, and almost finished the herb garden.  I had to come in for dinner.  All those delicious aromas coming from the herbs, made my tummy growl. 

Hubby worked late, so we did not drive north to get the free oak we were offered.  I hope we can go tonight.

I'm heading back out to weed more today.  I am trying to get it done before my tomatoes start coming inside by the buckets.


Sandra said...

I need to weed as well, just haven't had the willpower to get out there, not that I could anyway the past week as it's been raining.

Kelly said...

I have been weeding my strawberry patch. It's taken three separate days and I'm still not done. Yesterday I ended up with blisters came in to cool off went back out to weed and the blisters popped :/ Hope you get yours done today :)

Susan said...

I am having a battle with weeds in my strawberry bed. It's just a mess, and I'm trying to weed out a foot at a time. Why is it always more fun to weed someone else's garden??

EMMA said...

What a cute little kitty - hope you left her a few weeds, she looks like she's having fun in the 'jungle'.