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Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baking with Booze

This year may be a "booze infused" Christmas. Ha ha!    Hubby brought home a 4 oz. back of "Whiskey Stix" made here locally in our state.  They were spicy, they were delicious, but way over priced.  I, like most days, said "I can make this myself!"

I found a recipe for Whiskey "Sticks", and made them for Hubby's game day.  They are easy to make, healthier than most snacks they take, and delish!

I used a recipe I found on another blog, but the recipe did not state the size of bag (recipe reads: 2 bags).  I did use her tip regarding the shape of the pretzel, so it would be easier for dipping.  This recipe was pretty good, but not nearly as spicy as the ones we purchased.  I may do some tweaking and, as the kids say, "get crazy with the spices." 

Oh, and as for the size of bag I purchased, I used 1, 1 pound bag of pretzels.  However, I think I could have added a bit more to each tray.  I did use 2 trays to bake them on.

We didn't get as much snow as the weatherman predicted.  That storm that rolled through, gave us about 1 inch or less.  It's still on the ground in most places, and the wind chill about 15°F.  There is a chance for snow tonight.

Hubby makes me breakfast every Sunday morning.  However, this morning, he got a call-out for a "confined space rescue" at work.  He had a call-out yesterday too.  Today, if I want a wonderfully, delicious, veggie packed omelet (and some crispy bacon and fried potatoes), I'll have to make it myself.  Then again, no one can make them as delicious as Hubby.  Phooey, now my stomach is growling.  Guess I'm making something for breakfast now.


EMMA said...

Never heard of whisky stix before, just checked out the recipe and they sound delicious. Think I'm make some for christmas at my in-laws - bet they've never tasted them either. You have such interesting recipes.

Carolyn said...

Never heard of Whiskey Stix....gonna have to look that up. Is it a "Grown up" version of Chex Mix?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

It is the adult version of a baked snack mix, but my kids devoured these. The alcohol gets baked out, but the flavor stays - yum!

Michelle said...

I also never heard of these . I will have to give them a try.

Unknown said...

I first had them from udoughgirl. They are amazing

Susie said...

I tried these from the store went home after 5 times of tweaking the receipe I nailed it since I'm not in the Youngstown Ohio area any more I don't have to worry about not having any .Because I love them

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susie, we love them.