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Friday, December 13, 2013

CHRISTmas is a time for Love, Joy and Peace!

It's bad enough that my inbox is filled with over 20 advertisements selling something - Free Shipping!  One day only!  Cyber......blah, blah, blah....

Don't let the hype of buying, buying, and buying get you sucked into having to have it all, or give it all.  Sheesh.  The newspaper must weigh 10 more pounds now that December is here, and the ads are overflowing.

The stores are not going anywhere.  After talking to my daughter who works a customer service counter, I got to hear an ear-full of the fact that many folks ended up returning items that they bought (on the Thanksgiving Day sales), when they realized they could not afford them.

So don't be afraid to be different during this time of celebration.  I know we all celebrate it for different belief's, but don't let the buying, buying, buying (and eating) consume you this month (and next).

Why did I post this?  I received an RAOK, that didn't sit well with me.  What is an RAOK?  It's a random act of kindness.  I received a small item in a regular sized envelope.  However,  the envelope contained about 3 advertisements for me to "buy" something, or sell something for this person, so I could "buy" something at a discount.  This was very disconcerting.  I felt my personal information was taken advantage of, for the sake of a "sale."   And that is not all that was in the envelope.  There was a large flyer from the Jehovah's Witnesses.  

Would you have been upset?  Bothered?  Saddened?


Sharon said...

I like this post. I wrote a post along this line also. The way we are being used to spend way more than is needed. The magazines that tell us how to decorate. It is easy to fall for the lies. Thanks for writing this.

Unknown said...

A newspaper? What's that :) I'd be annoyed about that mail too. I read about the coat swap donation program on "black friday" (which I don't do). People are becoming so mercenary, threatening others for a thing. Sad and embarrassing. I wonder what other countries think about the U.S. when they see people getting trampled on back friday?

Joan Whitsett Lowder said...

I agree. The envelope would have not gone over well with me. I prefer to make my gifts and these days I have few gifts to come up with.
I suggested to my rubber stamping gals that we do a swap at our little part of recycled gifts. One batch thought I was crazy. The rest loved an excuse to give that item to someone who might enjoy it. So wrapped goodies were shared from candles to lotion to jewelry and I got a very pretty red tin perfect for the holidays and valentines day. I'm putting a Crystal Light container down in it so that I can put some real greenery in it.
Heard on the news the other night that the sales will still be there later as they worked in the sales when they priced the items.
Save your energy, money and make something for your friend. Take them out to eat.
Enjoy the holidays.