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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pampering Day

The girls and I had planned to have a pedi/mani day, along with a hand heat wax treatment, right after we completed Monday's housework. They were home from school, and we were going to reward ourselves. 

We ran out of time.  With my trip to town for pellets, then making dinner, and then time with Hubby, we just plain lost track of time. Oh, by the way . . . .

I found out that corn went down from $9-something a 50 lb. bag to $5.10!  (and further north I heard it's down just under $4.00.  Woo hoo! (Mom hates it when I write "woot" on my blog, so there you go Mom, ha ha ha!).  Anyway, I drove out yesterday, and picked up two bags of corn, to burn with our pellets.  It's bit higher than my pellets, but I have to consider the cost of gas to get all the way to town for the pellets too.  Hubby was pretty excited to hear this bit of news.  Corn's BTU is much higher than wood pellets.

So. Yesterday, after school, I warmed the wax machine.  He he!  It was ready when the kids got off the bus. Tonight, it's manicures or pedicures.  I'm voting on our feet.  Mine need a good pampering.

As for Winston (yes, I kind of named him, sigh), we placed flyers all over to hopefully find his owner.  If we don't get any calls, the humane society e-mailed the they would put him on their wait-list to be taken there.  I have a bad feeling he was simply dumped here.   When the kids got home from school, they caught me snuggling the guy.  He was all cozied up in my arms, and his back legs stretched way out, sleeping.  

I hope to have a photo of the scrap, crocheted dishcloths soon.  My hands have been a little sore again.

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Sam I Am...... said...

I've never burned corn....interesting. I need to get busy around here but so tired lately. It must be the cold weather or fighting a cold.
I have to play catchup again and find out about your new family member.