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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Library Run

Remember those 25 library books I had out?  Well, one of them was Stop the Clock Cooking, by Cheryl Forberg, R.D.  This cookbook has many healthy recipes, which are full of age-defying ingredients.  I had to try a few.  There is even a grape jelly recipe that uses sorghum in it.  So what did I try?

Cranberry-Grape Juice.  Easy, all natural, and delicious.  I love juice, but the sugar is what stops me.  This recipe simply takes unsweetened grape juice to a new level of flavor. I used all organic ingredients.

Cranberry-Grape Juice
3 cups fresh cranberries, or 1 (12 oz.) frozen bag
1 qt. unsweetened Concord grape juice
Pinch salt
1 tsp. grated citrus peel (lemon, lime, orange or tangerine)

Rinse berries and transfer to a 2-qt. nonreactive saucepan.  Add juice, salt, and citrus peel.  Bring juice to a boil, reduce heat to medium, and simmer until the cranberries burst, about 10 minutes.  Strain the juice (without pressing berries) through a cheesecloth-lined sieve.  Chill juice and serve cold.  Note: Save your cranberries for a jam recipe the author also includes in the book).

Will I make it again?  Maybe.  Organic concord grape juice, is not cheap, and you can't get organic cranberries for much longer here.  I'd have to buy up, and freeze them, and my freezer space is small right now.

There are more recipes I would love to try.  Even some breakfast recipes such as Whole-Grain Flaxjacks (using a sorghum), and a cornmeal waffle recipe that includes a sorghum syrup topping.  However, most of the recipes in this book have a long list of ingredients.  I didn't check it out because of the title either.  Sometimes you just find healthy recipes in some of the oddest books.

While returning books at the library, I ended up bringing more home - he he!  Hey, at least my family can say we help keep the library open.  Right?

Hubby and I got back to the gym, but man I am tired.  His stomach is still a bit on edge, but we are both able to eat certain foods.  I think an afternoon nap is in order.  I'm not sure about this 4:30am wake-up call anymore.  I guess we'll see how it goes.   We have lots to do this weekend, so it will be interesting.  I think an early bedtime is in order too.

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