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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


(he's much bigger than he appears here in the cat carrier)

School was canceled yesterday, and the roads thawed out.  In fact, we put bedding out on the line. And if you are wondering, it dried. 

After a successful "all-out" cleaning day (with some blessed help), we ran out for chicken feed and wood pellets. After we arrived home, one of my daughters saw the stray cat run from barn to barn.  She went out there, and he came to her. Here's the story. . . .

He's neutered, and declawed, and very, very friendly.  We've placed photos with our local humane society under "found" and also on facebook(thanks to my kids).  We plan to print off a "found" flyer for two nearby town post offices, and one library.

It's obvious that he was(or still is) owned by someone.  Who would go through the trouble of neutering and declawing and simply throw the cat outside (to fend for himself).  We are praying he got out by accident, and we can locate the owner.  He was purring when we were checking him over for lice or fleas.  In fact, we put him in one of our dog kennel cages, with a nice fluffy blanket, food and water, and he was purring in his sleep.  Ha ha!

The funny thing is, is that he got along fine with our outdoor male cat, but hissed at the one's inside.  This cat looks almost exactly like our Tiger.  He is bigger than Tiger too.

If I had the money, I'd put cameras outside.  Then I could see if/who is dropping animals here. At least we could determine how they get here.

So....once again we deal with another stray animal.  

....story of my life.



Willow said...

Glad he found you and can be well treated until his owners are found.. or perhaps he HAS found his (new) owners :)

Carolyn said...

If his original owners are looking for him, I hope they get reunited. If his owners dumped them, shame on them and there's a warm place in hell for people like them.

He's very lucky to have found your home....temporary or not-so-temporary :)

EMMA said...

Goodness me - art imitating life or what! let me explain:
I'm reading The Good, The Bad & The Furry (Life with the worlds's most melancholy cat and other whiskery friends) and the author has taken in a ginger stray (he's calling him Andrew). Got him neutered and now Andrew has gone AWOL! Try calling your cat Andrew, see what happens!
On a more serious note, I hope he's just lost and his owners are looking for him. At least for the time being he's with good people.

Kristina said...

Carolyn and Emma, you both made me laugh. I have been hoping he was not dumped, because that would just make me spittin' mad. The cat can't even climb a tree without his claws, and he was outside. Sheesh. Well, yesterday the kids caught me holding him. He he!

Sam I Am...... said...

I hope his owners find him as he seems to have been well taken care of but I also remember animals being "dropped off" at our farm quite a bit too. What a nice cat he seems to be too.