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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, December 9, 2013


"Yikes! She caught me!"

Jasper has been more skittish than before, ever since the propane "boom" we had.  He walks around looking startled by any little movement or noise.  I have such a hard time getting a photo of him.

The other day, before the school bus arrived, I was able to snap this photograph.  He was actually playing until he saw me get down to his level and snap a few shots. Ha ha!

As for today's weather here. . . . .

Today, we did not get snow, we got freezing rain.  Everything is a sheet of ice in our area.  I warned Hubby that it was slick, and we should reconsider driving to the gym.  I had let Alias out, and he did the "Bambi" thing, you know, where the legs go out in different directions.  Poor guy.  But....the next poor guy was Hubby (who didn't listen to me).  I was just inside the door, and he had just walked out.  Or should I say skated out?  There he was, flat on his back.  

We made it there, but my car skated right past our exit road, and had to take the next.  Leaving the gym, we saw one car half off the road, with the back tires up in the air.  We stopped, but there was no one in the car, and thankfully they did not hit a pole.  

School is delayed 2 hours, but once they get salt out on the roads, they should be good.  Temperatures are to be in the 30's and the sidewalk I salted is already melting.

We may have another barn cat that adopted us. Or it could be from a town not far, simply looking for shelter and food for the winter.  It's been up at the house eating, and Timmy, one of our barn cats, was already sitting next to him/her trying to make friends.  Timmy likes everyone. It's too soon to tell if it's a he or she, and it looks just like Tiger.  

I've been doing some inventory on handmade/homemade Christmas gifts, and I am short by 2 knitted dishcloths.  I'm using the leftover scraps of yarn, to crochet "scrap" dishcloths.  I should have an update on those soon.

The chickens are still producing eggs in abundance.  We are very grateful for it too.  We can go through a dozen at breakfast alone here. 

The wood stove is still working great, despite the inspection reports we had.  I am thankful for the wood we stocked up on.  It's about time to order a propane fill-up (only runs the hot water heater), so I am praying the prices will be low.


EMMA said...

What a super cut cat picture!
Take care on the ice!

Mama Pea said...

I backed out on a trip down the highway today because a friend stopped by and said it was slick snow and glare ice. Geesh, in this kind of weather if one doesn't HAVE to go out, why chance it. (Says this scaredy cat driver on ice.)

Our hens are molting and we're getting only 2-3 eggs most days from a dozen hens. I have a back log in the spare refridge which I'm tending to hoard right now.

Stay warm and safe with all that ice around you.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

We always seem to get ice, no snow.
It is difficult to drive on. We just stay home. Not worth the pain and agony(your poor hubby) and perhaps the cost of vehicle repairs--compared to a days work.
The kitty is cute.
I hope propane prices are good for you...they're awful here! (and we received a "price break" with our last order of fuel)
Take care and stay warm y'all!

Beansieleigh said...

What a cute picture of your cat! It would make a cute Christmas card, or maybe a picture-Christmas ornament! I confess, I don't know anything about propane prices; but I've known people with wood stoves, and just WISH I had one! Dear Son and I can only the appreciate the smell of one when we're outdoors, walking our dog 'round the neighborhood. (And now with the temps dipping further downward into the twenties, we're just staying IN! Upper-thirty-degree temps are my limit for long leisurely walks!) Keep warm, and have a great day! ~tina

Sam I Am...... said...

I hope you have a carbon monoxide alarm. I just found out my fireplace insert isn't installed correctly and I could be getting carbon monoxide. Who knew? I have an alarm in the bedroom but he said I need one next to the fireplace. I've not been burning so now my low heat bill will be higher but if we lose power I will be using it regardless! LOL!