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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Excerpts from a Journal Junkie

From the garden journal . . .
. . .pulled many tomato stakes, dead plants and still have much to do.  Swiss chard, green peppers, banana peppers and cayenne are all still producing.

I started to bring in herbs for the winter.  I still need more pots and soil for the rosemary.  So far, I have brought in spearmint and basil.

The fall garlic is finally planted.

From the homesteading journal . . .

  . . . with no more room in my freezer, I am dehydrating more and more green peppers.  I really love my dehydrator.  

  . . . we started harvesting our first home grown sunflower seeds.

. . . baked up the last of our pie pumpkins.  I will save the puree for tomorrow's meal, and roast the seeds today for an after school snack.

 . . . today's is perfect for drying clothes outside.  We have had a few wet and cold days where I've had to hang clothes all over the house to dry.  Soon, I will by drying them in front of the wood burning stove.

From the crafting journal . . .
  . . . I'm still chugging away at embroidering my 9 year-old's hope chest flour sack towels.
  . . . I'm still chugging away at crocheting my 12 year-old's blanket.  I just found out that the day she went to the store to pick out yarn, they did not have a dark purple, which is what she really wanted.  She may get a second blanket later.

 . . . I'm still chugging away on knitting blocks for my first knitted blanket.  I'm getting pretty good at the basket weave stitch.  

From the gratitude journal . . . 

Today I am thankful for :

1.  having more pumpkin to puree
2. the milk from our goat
3. God's Promises
4. the sun shining today
5.  free books to read from the library
6. Coffee
7. my front porch 
8. having the wood splitter to borrow
9. having a dehydrator this year
10. my kids

From the Family Journal . . . 

"I have sawdust in places I didn't even know I have!" exclaimed my 12 year-old as she plopped on my bed.

I had to laugh.  She volunteered to help her oldest sister muck horse stalls at the stable.



Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Your garden is hopping, and love the color on those knitted blocks.
Loved this down home-- 'real' post!
It reminds me...I need to get the laundry hung out.


simplicityinthemaking said...

What a cute post. Exasperated 12 year old and all. We had frost last night so I am accelerating my garden clean up. Now if I could only have 24 hours of daylight instead of 13 hours!

Candy C. said...

I like the colors of the crocheted blanket and ALL the things listed in the Gratitude Journal! :)