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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Missing Cow

Do you remember Jasper, the cat who loves to play under my rag rug?

Well, a few days after I deep cleaned one entire wall area in my bedroom, I noticed small items behind my book shelve again.  I asked who was in my room and why there were items knocked down behind it.  No one knew.

A few days ago, I figured it out.   I saw Jasper, the sneaky cat, running through the house with my cow!  My oldest daughter brought this home for me after an FFA trip for school (after two daughters have made trips, I have a 3 cow collection of different types).

Do you see the discolored face on the cow?  It's all dirty compared to the rest of the cow?

That is how Jasper is carrying my cow around the house.  I put it back, and he got it out again yesterday morning.  I actually had to hide it in a dresser drawer so he would find another toy to play with.  For some reason, Jasper loves to carry around small stuffed animals.  

I wish I had a photo so share, of him carrying that cow around the house.  It sure gave us a chuckle.  I guess my poor cow needs a bath now.  I had planned to blog about it yesterday, and had the cow on the counter in front of my computer screen, but that little stinker kept jumping up on the computer are to get at it.  Hilarious!  

I think I know what to sew or make for him for Christmas - ha ha ha!

Another pet that gave me a chuckle yesterday was Jesse.  He's my 15 year-old's dog.  The kids have really been bogged down with either work outside the home, or with homework, or both.  

I told them yesterday that the animals really needed some lovin' and to not forgot.  

Not much later, I was sitting in my favorite reading chair knitting, and there was a huge bang from the other side of the room.  We all started cracking up laughing. 

We have a basket for the dogs.  We keep it in the same place, and it's filled with their toys.  Jesse, getting tired of waiting for his attention, took a hold of the toy basket with his mouth, and tossed it off the shelf.  BANG!  He then dug his nose in it, pushing toys around.  Finally, after he got what he wanted, he started barreling around the front room begging for someone to play with him. 


Carolyn said...

Stealty Bovine Stealing Feline!

♥ Helen said...

Your animals do funny things :) Cute.

Candy C. said...

I tell you, those pets are just too durn funny sometimes! Bob the cat has a red monkey that he carries around! :)

Unknown said...

Pets are a good reminder that sometimes life is short and you gotta PLAY!!!