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Friday, October 14, 2011

Mushrooms and A Curious Cat

I have walked around the property (some of it) and found two different types of mushrooms growing.  One was growing on a fallen tree.

I noticed this growing earlier in the summer and the colors were much different than now.  Do any of you know the type of mushroom and if it is edible or poisonous?  Then I will know for next year.  With the colors missing, and it looking half dead, I can't identify it.

I found this little guy growing not far from my clothesline trees.  Any ideas what it could be?  Green spored Lepiota?  It is growing in the grass.  Poisonous?  I really do need to learn my mushrooms. 

As for the curious cat part.  I have to share with you about our pets first.  And my funny family.  Each dog and cat has come to my bedroom, where my rag rug is now.  It's very soft to walk on and is in front of our bedroom dresser.  The dogs and cats have each rubbed their scent on it, claiming the rug for themselves.  Each person in the house has come in to walk across it in their socks. I'll be sitting in bed before bedtime, crocheting, and someone will walk in to walk across it and walk back out.  Ha ha ha ha!  As for the curious cat. . .

 Who could this lump be, underneath the rug?

It's Jasper!  The cat who thinks my rag rug is his play ground.


The 3 Foragers said...

If that first mushroom growing on a tree was originally bright orange with a white or bright yellow underside and pores instead of gills, it was a chicken mushroom (Laetiporus slphureus or Laetiporus cincinnatus), both edible and delicious.

The second mushroom is harder. Did it have gills? A ring around the stem? Looks to be a shaggy mane or inkcap. Gilled mushrooms are very hard!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Cute kitty and very nice rag rug! I don't know much about mushrooms but we do have many kinds in our yard this year from all of the rain.

Unknown said...

Cute kittie!!!

Bluestocking Redneck said...

Your kitty cat is adorable! I had a black cat named India for several years and I miss her! She was definitely more prissy than playful-the feline lady of the manor- if you catch my drift!

About mushrooms: most of those mushrooms, I like to call them "magic mushrooms" that pop up in your yard after it rains and seem to grow enormous overnight are not good to eat!
There was a story on our local news recently about a woman who became terribly ill after eating mushrooms she picked in her back yard!
My paternal grandfather came from northern Italy where they use pigs to dig up truffles out of the earth. My grandfather knew there were certain wild mushrooms you can eat and could tell the difference between an edible fungi and a deadly toadstool! Unfortunately, I am clueless when it comes to telling the difference! You might be able to find out about edible mushrooms on line or at your local library.

Candy C. said...

No help with the mushrooms, sorry!
The kitty under the rug reminds me of our cat Bob, he likes to do stuff like that!

Katmom said...

hey Kristina, my kitties do the same thing,,,they lay claim to my in progress rag rugs!
I guess we are getting their seal of approval.