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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mushroom Update

This is a photo of the mushroom yesterday.

 The mushroom today.  Is it Shaggy Mane?

Another one growing.

I am still deep cleaning.  I actually think that when the kids see me, they are either inspired to help me, or help me out of quilt (watching me do it myself).  My son helped me in the kitchen.  I am now pulling out drawers sweeping inside, inside the drawers/cupboards, removing anything that don't use (using the box method), and reorganizing.  I think we cleaned 6 drawers and 2 sets of cupboards.  Unfortunately, my old kitchen was re-done with mostly drawers (by the last home owner).  I have very little cupboards.  It makes it very difficult to store items.  My mixer and food processor are stored in my living room (in a pie safe).

While cleaning yesterday, I started dehydrating my Swiss chard.  I am even considering growing some inside this year.  I think it would work if I grew it in the warmest room, next to the wood burning stove.  

I am so excited that we found a thrift store closer to home.  I needed to go there to look for a pot to dye yarn and fabric with.  I ended up, not only finding what I needed, but found these small bowls.  I need to go back to look for an old picnic basket or basket with a lid, to hold library books in.  I guess it will be fun looking anyway. 

Well, it rained all night.  However, today it's extremely windy.  I need to dry bedding outside today, so I hope it doesn't end up in the next county - ha ha ha ha!  At least it will dry fast.


Unknown said...

If you can, I would suggest taking a mushroom id-ing/hunting class. They're lots edible, BUT you never want to take a chance guessing. If you have a local Extension Office, they might be able to help too...

Candy C. said...

Hope your clothes didn't blow away! I just LOVE your blue and white bowl!! :)