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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bunny Yoga, Allergy Updates, and Escapees

The one reason we don't raise rabbits for meat is Milo.  He's our indoor pet bunny and he's as pampered as the rest of the gang.
In the photo, Milo is having bunny yoga on one of my daughter's legs.  He's so relaxed in this position, he simply takes a nap.  He so funny. 

As for me.....ugh....

I have been keeping our meals very healthy, I have increased my liquids, swept up the allergy causing dust and dander, and went to bed early.

I woke up feeling worse than yesterday.   It has been raining here, during the day, and at night it's not too cool.  The moisture is so bad inside, that my bathroom rugs are still wet after 3 days.  

I woke up very tired (even though I got more sleep), congested, watery eyes, a continued cough, and a runny nose.  Over the counter allergy medication just doesn't cut it.  I even mixed my raw honey/organic apple cider vinegar mix yesterday.    

I love the country, but the country doesn't love me.  

I even started to spend at least 20 minutes outside doing nothing, but soaking up whatever light I can get (getting my vitamin D3).  I even walked for 20 minutes hoping to get more energy replaced.  It's just so frustrating.

A few days ago, our billy got loose, and ripped more of the fencing out.  My 15 year-old daughter worked hard to get him retained again, but got his breeding scent all over her in the process.  She showered promptly, but got sick anyway. 

The fence was mended, but yesterday, while I was at the store, the two younger goats got out of their fence.  We have plans to expand that portion anyway, but getting enough people home at the same time to do it, is nearly impossible anymore.  Hubby works full time, and the two older kids work every day after school, but one.  And on that one day, one daughter cares for her horse, and mucks stalls.  I am beginning to wonder if I need to hire a "farm hand" to help me.

In need of writer's motivation, I spent time on the Internet ordering many books from the library.  I need pumped with masses of motivation.  Especially now that I have this allergy season dragging me down to the lowest of lows.  I even started reading a book off of my book shelf.  I need to draw out the renegade writer in me, and it's like pulling teeth lately.  I need my mojo back, so I can kick this "funk" to the side.


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Sorry you are sick! I struggle with allergys too and love to be outdoors. I love your bunny. Hmmm. Wonder how a pet bunny and a spoiled cocker spaniel would do! Nancy

Candy C. said...

Have you ever looked into homeopathic allergy medications? I have bad sinus problems and I can't tolerate the over-the-counter stuff so I take the homeopathic and it works GREAT! Hope you get out of your funk soon!
P.S. The bunny is just too cute!

Unknown said...

My allergist, and regular doc both recommended atleast 2000 mg. of vit. D daily, and boy it works! Great for your immune system, strengthens your bones and teeth. Good for allergies and general health. I haven't had a bad cold/flu in years since I started it. You might also consider a hepa filter for your bedroom, I use mine 24/7, and dustmite proof bedding...

Kristina said...

Thanks for the tips on Vitamin D Nancy. I do take it with calcium. I'll have to check my dosage.

Kristina said...

Thanks Candy. I did check into it, but our insurance won't cover any doctor visits. Bummer.

Kristina said...

Cozythyme, two of our dogs get along fine with the bunny. Our lab loves anything and kisses him to death most days. Our mutt mix dog is more of a hunting dog (or has it in is blood) and we do have to watch him around the smaller animals. I think he knows better than to go after him, but we still watch him good.