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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Shopping Adventures ~ First Cruise In

During my last trip to the store (2nd attempt at another store), I bought the very last bottle of classic pectin.  However, I am still unable to find a vegetable brush for the camper (3 attempts).  

As far as produce?  I have not found what I need other than I found a half dozen ears of corn to grill.  

Although I have no photos to share today, I have a funny story to share.

We went out with friends to our first cruise in.  It is where the town has all older cars drive up and down main street.  People park along the roads and sit and watch.  Well, we decided to eat out before that.  

It's sort of funny, yet frustrating.  First we asked for silverware while we were ordering drinks.  Didn't get them.  I got my crowne royal served without the "rocks" so I fished them out of my ice water and added them.  We ordered 2 appetizers.  One arrived cold.  The other never arrived at all.

We asked for silverware again.  He brought one set.  We asked again.  He later brought 2 more.  We still need one more set.

Oh, and the complimentary bread they bring in the very beginning?  He brought 2 on a plate and there were 4 of us.

So, the food arrives.  Only one person got exactly what he ordered.  My husband ordered steak and he got ribs.  One ordered a burger and fries - no fries and over cooked burger.  Me, ha ha ha!  Here comes the funny part.  I look at my plate and there are no mashed potatoes and no gravy and half of my plate is filled with fries.

I give half the fries to the one that got no fries, and lift up my dry chicken.  I'm like what???

There is literally a piece of dry toasted Texas toast under it.  And yes, it was listed on our bill.

My husband took a bite to see if it was garlic bread.  Nope.  Dry, toasted, Texas toast.  Oh, and he served me with a tiny side of teriyaki sauce.  Who puts that on their country fried chicken????

I have no idea what in the blankety blank was going on.  Was the server not able to know what to write on our order or did the cook not read our order right?  I don't know, but we'll forever be talking about the Texas Toast on my plate and getting charged for it.  

We won't be back.  Just too much waiting around for not getting what you want, but bless the kid's heart for working.  Too bad they didn't train him well, but anyway, I suggested we pack a picnic or gather at one's house next event.

Oh, and getting the check?  It seems to take forever to get it anymore.  Then you pay at the table with a gizmo.  Paying cash is almost obsolete or you have to wait and wait.

Oh boy.   Today is a busy day, and all I want to do is sit and play cards on the porch.  It's a beautiful (what I call) camping weather day.

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