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Friday, August 6, 2021

Freezer Check ~ When Things Go Wrong ~ Garden ~ Easy Layered Tomato Dip

I did a check in the freezer, and I think we have enough corn for the winter.  I will not be buying my usual 3 bushels this year.  I also had enough blueberries, so I did not buy my typical 10# box this year either.  I'm finally gaining on stocking up for 2 years vs. 1, but home canned tomato soup needs eaten within a year.

I'm concerned with the garden this year. The above photos is a roma tomato.  After planting the paste tomatoes I grew from seed, some died in the storms we got, so my husband went out and found one last flat of roma's.  Plants are small and yield is small (other than hot peppers).  I'm seriously considering not planting a garden at all next year.  Possibly adding compost and covering it with tarps and giving it a rest for a year.  

....and then I have these thoughts and find this in the garden.  Finally!  Watering has paid off.

I also made some easy layered tomato dip with some garden goodness.  So good!  I had a handful of my dinky roma tomatoes and didn't want them to go to waste.

We are in a long week or more of no rain (again).  I have 4 rain barrels of rain water, but I can't really water with well water, when the well is not being re-filled either.  That is always a concern in a drought.

Hot peppers are the only thing getting harvested right now, so they are going in the freezer until I have them all growing in sync.  I froze jalapenos and hot banana and picked a few serrano peppers.

I finally got around to plant some indoor cilantro and parsley planted.

When things go bad, they go all at the same time.....

Weed whacker is broke down and the worst time.  Daughter K borrowed my truck and was stuck in the "Big City" with a flat - rusty nail in the tire. Stray cat showed up.  I don't need more cats.  Especially female.  Garden sprinkler is not working right. My only outside water spigot is dripping and now needs replaced....

What's your favorite fresh salsa recipe?  I typically only can it, but we want some fresh made salsa this year.


Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

Yes-this years weather has been strange. After the Summer is over I am not doing a winter garden- I will cover in compost and let set till ready to fall in Spring.

Rain said...

Oh gosh Kristina, I hate when everything goes wrong all at once, it tests my ever-lowering patience and spirit. You dip looks really good! I personally love any salsa with corn in it!

Ulvmor said...

Salsa I make is most likely bland and boring to you: I can't eat (or even touch) any type of onions...
So it's just finely chopped tomatoes, zuccini and garlic (either gatlic leaves, cloves or scapes). First time ever I added some rhubarb! And lime/lemon juice, honey, salt and pepper. Because my daughter is allergic to papricas (including chillies) I add chili when I eat. But to me it's nice and fresh - and the only way for me to have salsa, because all bought ones have onions.

Kristina said...

Lisa, same here. No winter garden and covering it and composting.

Kristina said...

Rain, you totally reminded me of a recipe I used to make with corn in it. Thanks.

Kristina said...

Ulvmor, you are right, most salsas have onions. I do however, love onion in mine. I'll have to see what I get from the garden this weekend. We may actually see a small bit of rain (badly needed).