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Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Heat Wave ~ Canning ~ Tidbits

The water hose was working overtime due to the heat and no rain. In fact, schools closed and will not be open until the 30th for now (due to the heat).  

However, we woke up to thunderstorms.  Glorious rain is falling on the gardens this morning.

My first batch of hot pepper jelly was done, but I will need to do more canning today with a small amount of tomatoes.

Froze more bell peppers and jalapenos, and made egg salad for a cold meal.

Mom was released from the hospital a few days ago, but since then has had a bad fall, which required stitches.  I'm very worried about her health right now.  She is a very stubborn person and we keep telling her to take her cell phone with her when she is outside. 

She was even out shopping prior to the fall, which I need to get after her to use the scooter in the store from now on.

First, we scolded her for being outside in 90 degree weather doing yard work at 8pm.  Second, I need to see what phone she has to get her a holder or shoulder strap to carry her phone.  Somehow during the day we managed to get a meal ordered and delivered to Mom.  She was very very happy.


Mother Em said...

So sorry to hear about your Mom. Perhaps one of those "help, I've fallen" devices could be helpful. Hang around the neck and, with the push of a button, it alerts you and/or the rescue squad in your area.

You're just popping the peppers in the freezer without blanching? And, do you freeze cherry tomatoes? I've tried a couple just to see what happens. (Guess the skins will just pop off when cooking!) This year's crop had multiples of cherry tomatoes, no big eating ones. Years ago, I did a lot of canning, but no more; cheaper to buy. Have an overhead oven and was ruining stovetop burners because there wasn't enough room to vent with the canner.

Heat is something else, but have to say we didn't have the whole summer with the high heat temps. With the end of August approaching, the summer has been somewhat pleasant! NOW, the mosquitoes --- another story! Got to find netting to put over our hats when outside doing yardwork/garden picking.

Wow, up too early and venting too much. Have a great Wednesday.

Kristina said...

Mother Em, I do not blanch the hot or cold peppers, but I do flash freeze them before I bag them. Good idea for Mom. I forgot all about those. I'll have to check in on it.