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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

I can't make this stuff up! Camping Trip, Adventure Mishaps and other things that went wrong


First, our first camping trip this year in the pop-up camper was our last.  It was getting too much for us two (all that cranking up and down), and too much bed space for the two of us.

Our nephew and his wife were selling their hard sided camper, and said they just don't go camping anymore.  They had not used it for a year.  We went and looked at it, but next time we buy a camper we'll make sure we double check some things.  We simply trusted their word ("everything works" but again they had not used it for a year).  Thankfully, we were able to simply transfer our camper plates.  Oh, and it only sleeps 2 (he he!)

We sold the pop-up the same day it was for sale, and made back half of what we paid for the hard sided camper.  Oh boy.  What a difference in camping.  Just back it in, put up the jacks, pull out the awning and relax.  I do like the fact that it did not keep us inside, and we still did campfire meals.  We do have a propane stove in case of bad weather while camping. 

Anyway, here is the saga of our story.  My husband put the hitch in, backed up, hooked up the camper and we started to pull out of the driveway.


We stop, get out and guess what he did?  Again, I can't make this up.  He put the pin in behind the hitch, so the camper pulled the hitch out, then bounced of the bumper of the truck (now he has another thing to fix, ha ha!).  Our first maiden voyage didn't start out that great.

We get to the campground, set up and start hooking up water and electric.  This was our first time to use water with a camper and we were excited to have hot showers etc.  Well, he hooks up water and water starts spraying out of the handle of the kitchen sink and down to the floor.

We scramble to use our towels to mop up up the floor.  We didn't have the right tools to remove the faucet, and we needed the hot water tank drained to remove the faucet (or water would come out of the faucet. 

The next morning, we got our campfire breakfast made, but were exhausted with the issue with no water in the camper.

We had met our neighbors, and in conversion, we were told who to ask for help.  We walk over a few more campsites and low and behold we got help.  Water tank emptied, faucet taken out, we headed to the hardware store.

Thankfully, we found help and found a new faucet for the camper.  Back at the camper, we install it, check for leaks again, and we were back in action.

We however could not get the pilot light on the hot water tank to light.  Frustrated we decided to go for a drive and get some delicious local chicken.  


Nope.  We went to larger restaurants and found lines out the door with anywhere from 30-50 people standing in line.  After trying two, we headed back to another town and tried a brewery.  Nope.  30 minute wait and we were starving.  We went next door to another one and after a short wait got in.  We were exhausted just trying to get a meal.  I told him next time we camp in Amish country, we cook all meals at the campground.

So we finally get back to the camper and get the pilot light going and the hot water tank kicks on.  Shortly after?  It kicks off.  This went on all evening and the next day.  

No hot showers for the either of us, because we used our towels to clean up the earlier mess (shower house was there, but we didn't want to drive out for more towels).  We just dealt with no showers, packed 'er up and headed home.

By the way, the campground was packed full, and on the way home, we stop at a gas station that had a dump station - jam packed with campers.  Everyone and their brother was camping (best weather ever for it).

Now for the rest of the story.  If you are still reading this ..ha ha!  Long story.

We return Sunday, unload the food from the camper, and unhook it.  Our new mattress and box springs were in.  Our daughter got us a very good deal and ours were almost 20 years old (springs sticking out of my husband's side of the box springs).

First, Hubby insisted our bed was a California King.  I told him no, it's a King.  I ordered it his way, we haul it home, haul it all into the house.  Nope.  Too big.  We call our daughter who luckily was at work, and they had a king in stock.  We load that heavy pain in the rump all back up (a LOT of work there), drive it back, unload it, do the exchange, load the new one in, drive home and unload.  Mind you, this is all way late evening and we had not had dinner, nor had either of us had a shower since Friday morning.

It fit perfect.  Thankfully, daughter K got off work and rescued our hungry stomachs with some dinner.  Thankfully, we have the proper electrical outlet to hook up the camper's electric and water to work on the hot water heater.  Another job for him to work on ha ha!  What a weekend!!  I never did get my shower until Monday morning, but boy oh' boy did it feel good.

At least we can laugh about it, and my husband is already telling people the story too (and laughing while telling it).


Mother Em said...

Wow, beautiful camper once it's all working properly. But, what a story for the books, right? Next one will be wonderful. Keep us posted.

Kristina said...

Mother Em, we are so happy to have the new camper and we just have to replace one jack and it's good to go for the next camping trip.